Po dolinam i po vzgoriam

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Monument to the Red Army soldiers in Spassk-Dalny

Po dolinam i po vzgoriam (Russian: По долинам и по взгорьям, Serbo-Croatian: Po šumama i gorama, По шумама и горама, English: Through valleys and over hills), also known as Partisan's Song, is a popular Red Army song from the Russian Civil War and World War I. It is believed that the original song melody was composed by Yuri Cherniavsky in 1915 for recruits, but it is possible that it circulated in Russia even before. Vladimir Gilyarovsky wrote text for the song named "March of the Siberian Regiment". His text has three versions. Peter Parfenov wrote the latest version of the song after the Battle of Volochayevka in 1922.[1]

Po dolinam i po vzgoriam has many versions in other languages, including Serbo-Croatian, Greek, German, French, Hungarian, Hebrew, Kurdish and others. The song was adapted by the Yugoslav Partisans and used in World War II.

In the Middle East, this Russian song also got Hebrew texts written by the poets Avraham Shlonsky - Halokh halkha hevraya - a translation after Alexander Blok) which in several mobilizing versions served the Zionist Socialist Hashomer Hatzair movement and the Palestinian Communist Youth (now BANKI) movement in the Mandatory Palestine and then in Israel - and Didi Manussi - Mul gesher hanahar - which is known in the interpretation by the Israeli Gevatron ensemble. The music was used also as the first melody for the anthem of Palmakh Jewish shock units in Palestine.[2]

Russian lyrics[edit]

Russian Transliteration English translation

По долинам и по взгорьям
Шла дивизия вперёд,
Чтобы с боя взять Приморье —
Белой армии оплот

Наливалися знамена
Кумачом последних ран,
Шли лихие эскадроны
Приамурских партизан.

Этих лет не смолкнет слава,
Не померкнет никогда —
Партизанские отряды
Занимали города.

И останутся, как в сказках,
Как манящие огни
Штурмовые ночи Спасска,
Волочаевские дни.

Разгромили атаманов,
Разогнали воевод
И на Тихом океане
Свой закончили поход.

Po dolinam i po vzgoriam
Shla diviziia vperyod,
Chtoby s boya vziat Primore -
Beloj armii oplot.

Nalivalisia znamena
Kumachom poslednikh ran,
Shli likhie eskadrony
Priamurskikh partizan.

Ehtikh let ne smolknet slava,
Ne pomerknet nikogda,
Partizanskie otriady
Zanimali goroda.

I ostanutsia kak v skazke,
Kak maniashchie ogni,
Shturmovye nochi Spasska,
Volochaevskie dni.

Razgromili atamanov,
Razognali voevod,
I na Tikhom okeane
Svoj zakonchili pokhod.

Through valleys and over hills
Went the division forward
To capture in battle Primorye
The stronghold of the White Army.

The banners were filled
By the red of the last wounds
Went the intrepid squadrons
Of the Amur partisans.

The fame of those days will never cease
Will never dim
The partisan troops
Captured cities.

And will remain as legends
Like sparkling fires
The storming nights of Spassk
The days of Volochaevka.

[We] defeated the atamans
Dispersed the Voivodes
And on the Pacific Ocean
Had ended our campaign.

Serbo-Croatian lyrics[edit]

Serbo-Croatian Serbo-Croatian Cyrillic English translation

Po šumama i gorama
naše zemlje ponosne
idu čete partizana,
Slavu borbe pronose!

Partizan sam, tim se dičim
To ne može biti svak,
Umrijeti za slobodu
Može samo div-junak!

Neka čuje dušman kleti
krvavi se vodi rat,
Prije ćemo mi umrijeti
Nego svoje zemlje dat'!

Kaznićemo izdajice,
Oslobodit' narod svoj,
Kazaćemo cijelom svijetu
Da se bije ljuti boj!

Crne horde nas ne plaše,
Krv herojska u nas vri,
Mi ne damo zemlje naše
Da je gaze fašisti!

По шумама и горама
наше земље поносне
иду чете партизана,
Славу борбе проносе!

Партизан сам, тим се дичим
То не може бити свак,
Умријети за слободу
Може само див-јунак!

Нека чује душман клети
крвави се води рат,
Прије ћемо ми умријети
Него своје земље дат'!

Казнићемо издајице,
Ослободит' народ свој,
Казаћемо цијелом свијету
Да се бије љути бој!

Црне хорде нас не плаше,
Крв херојска у нас ври,
Ми не дамо земље наше
Да је газе фашисти!

Through the woods and hills
Of our proud country
March the companies of Partisans
Spreading the glory of struggle!

I'm a Partisan; of that I am proud.
Not everyone can be that,
To die for freedom
Only a giant-hero can!

Let the cursed foe know
A bloody war is waged
We will rather die
Than give our land!

We will punish the traitors
And free all our people,
We will tell the entire world
That a bitter fight is fought!

Black hordes don’t scare us
Heroic blood boils in our veins
We don’t allow our lands
To be trampled by Fascists!

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