Pochera Falls

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Pochera Waterfalls are located at a distance of 37 km from Nirmal, 47 km from Adilabad and 7 km from Boath in India. It is a very big, wide and deep waterfall.


The Pochera waterfall was discovered lately.[when?] Pochera waterfall is unique and is varied from other waterfalls.[how?] Situated amidst dense forests, this waterfall is 'one of a kind' in Telangana and rarely found in India.[citation needed]

Pochera Waterfalls River Godavari flowing from the neighbouring state flows down the Sahayadri Mountain range. The river that runs in many narrow streams, at this point mingle together and falls from a height of 20m the sound of the splashing waters against rocks echoes the surroundings.[tone]

The water that flows in separate and narrow streams unite and with gushing speed fall from a height of 20 m. The water thus collects on a platform of hill resembling a small lake.[citation needed]

The forests that not intruded by modernization and industrialization the dense forests of the Sahayadri Mountain sets a perfect treat to one and all.[tone][citation needed]

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