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Municipality and town
Pochuta is located in Guatemala
Location in Guatemala
Coordinates: 14°33′N 91°05′W / 14.550°N 91.083°W / 14.550; -91.083
Country  Guatemala
Department Vlagchimaltenango.gif Chimaltenango
 • Major (2016-2020) Héctor R. Hernández Cumar [1]
 • Total 70 sq mi (170 km2)
Elevation 3,005 ft (916 m)
Time zone Central Time (UTC+6)

Pochuta is a municipality in the Chimaltenango department of Guatemala.

History and general information[edit]

The town was known as "San Miguel Pochuta" during the Spanish colony and was elevated to a municipality in 1921. It has an area of 170 km² and its municipal capital sits at 916 m above sea level. The main religious snnual celebrations are in September, after Michael Archangel.

Name origin[edit]

Pochuta comes from the nahuatl Pochotl or Pochotla, which means «Place of ceibas».

Geographic location[edit]

Pochuta is surrounded by Chimaltenango Department municipalities except on the west, where it borders San Lucas Tolimán, a Sololá Department municipality:[2]

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Coordinates: 14°33′N 91°05′W / 14.550°N 91.083°W / 14.550; -91.083