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Pocitos is also the colloquial name for the city of Salvador Mazza, Salta Province, Argentina
Pocitos Beach in Montevideo
Pocitos Beach in Montevideo
Street map of Pocitos
Street map of Pocitos
Location of Pocitos in Montevideo
Location of Pocitos in Montevideo
Coordinates: 34°54′30″S 56°9′0″W / 34.90833°S 56.15000°W / -34.90833; -56.15000Coordinates: 34°54′30″S 56°9′0″W / 34.90833°S 56.15000°W / -34.90833; -56.15000
Country Uruguay
DepartmentMontevideo Department

Pocitos is an upscale beach barrio (neighbourhood or district) in Uruguay's capital city, Montevideo.


This area is located along the banks of the Rio de la Plata. It borders Buceo to the east, Parque Batlle to the north, Tres Cruces, Cordón and Parque Rodó to the west and Punta Carretas to the south.

The beach[edit]

The barrio is known for its beach, Playa Pocitos, and the Rambla, or boulevard, that lies alongside it. Pocitos is characterized by its apartment buildings of 10 to 15 stories that lie right on the Rambla providing excellent views of the barrio, the beach, and the river.

Playa Pocitos, or Pocitos Beach, is preferred by the teenage population. These beaches are also recognized for their soccer, volleyball, and nautical events and championships. Pocitos is located only 10 minutes away from the centre of Montevideo. Along the Rambla can be found many chic and fancy restaurants and shops which attract many people not only from other Barrios of Montevideo but also those from neighbouring Argentina and Brazil.


It is home to many buildings of architectural interest, with the Casa Darnaud, seat of the Russian Embassy, and the Casa Towers, seat of the Italian Embassy, as two out of many examples. The following buildings, now used as residences or seats of businesses, that have been named as National Heritage Sites in 1986: the Casa Felipe Yriart, the Casa Casabó, and the Casa Williams. Also the building of the Escuela Brasil, still in use as school, was named National Heritage Site in 2002.[1]

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View of Pocitos at night


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