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An empty pocket box

A pocket box is a small box or pocket-sized container, so named to emphasise its portability.

In the 1980s pocket box was used by Steve Jackson Games to describe the (usually black) plastic boxes designed to hold a 4-by-7-inch (10 cm × 18 cm) rulebook and related game components. They replaced ziplock bags previously used for the same games. Steve Jackson Games also sold empty Pocket Boxes for holding extra components or repacking other microgames.[1] The outside dimensions of a Steve Jackson Pocket Box are 4.25-by-7.25-by-0.63-inch (10.8 cm × 18.4 cm × 1.6 cm).[2]

Pocket Box is also used by Haba as the brand name for its small pouch designed to hang from a belt and hold a cell phone.

The term is also used generically by a variety of manufactures to describe the relative size of packaging for a variety of products.

Pocket Box games[edit]

Later editions were printed in a larger box.


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