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The Pocket Canons is the name of a series of small books, designed by Pentagram Partner, Angus Hyland, featuring the text of individual Books of the Bible along with introductions by various well-known authors and public figures, including the Dalai Lama and Bono. The Bible texts are drawn from the King James Version of the Bible. The series was conceived by Matthew Darby, who published it in partnership with Canongate Books in the UK. The series has now (2006) been published in 12 languages and in 16 countries, selling well over a million copies. The US publisher of the Pocket Canons is Grove/Atlantic Inc..

Pocket Canons: Series 1[edit]

Book of the Bible Text at Wikisource UK Introduction Writer US Introduction Writer UK ISBN US ISBN
Genesis Genesis Steven Rose E. L. Doctorow ISBN 0-86241-789-9 ISBN 0-8021-3610-9
Exodus Exodus David Grossman ISBN 0-8021-3611-7 ISBN 0-8021-3611-7
Job Job Louis de Bernières Charles Frazier ISBN 0-86241-791-0 ISBN 0-8021-3612-5
Proverbs Proverbs Charles Johnson ISBN 0-86241-792-9 ISBN 0-8021-3613-3
Song of Solomon Song of Solomon A. S. Byatt ISBN 0-86241-793-7 ISBN 0-8021-3615-X
Ecclesiastes Ecclesiastes Doris Lessing ISBN 0-86241-794-5 ISBN 0-8021-3614-1
Matthew Matthew A. N. Wilson Francisco Goldman ISBN 0-86241-795-3 ISBN 0-8021-3616-8
Mark Mark Nick Cave Barry Hannah ISBN 0-86241-796-1 ISBN 0-8021-3617-6
Luke Luke Richard Holloway,
The Bishop of Edinburgh
Thomas Cahill ISBN 0-86241-797-X ISBN 0-8021-3616-8
John John Blake Morrison Darcey Steinke ISBN 0-86241-798-8 ISBN 0-8021-3619-2
(1 & 2)
First Corinthians
Second Corinthians
Fay Weldon ISBN 0-86241-799-6 ISBN 0-8021-3620-6
Revelation Revelation Will Self Kathleen Norris ISBN 0-86241-800-3 ISBN 0-8021-3621-4

Pocket Canons: Series 2[edit]

Book of the Bible Text at Wikisource Introduction Writer ISBN (UK only)
Ruth & Esther Ruth / Esther Joanna Trollope ISBN 0-86241-968-9
(1 & 2)
1 Samuel
2 Samuel
Meir Shalev ISBN 0-86241-967-0
Psalms Psalms Bono ISBN 0-86241-969-7
Isaiah Isaiah Peter Ackroyd ISBN 0-86241-970-0
Jonah, Micah & Nahum Jonah / Micah / Nahum Alasdair Gray ISBN 0-86241-971-9
Wisdom Wisdom of Solomon Piers Paul Read ISBN 0-86241-980-8
Acts of the Apostles Acts of the Apostles P. D. James ISBN 0-86241-973-5
Romans Romans Ruth Rendell ISBN 0-86241-972-7
Hebrews Hebrews Karen Armstrong ISBN 0-86241-974-3

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