Pocket Dwellers

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Pocket Dwellers
Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genres Hip-hop
Years active 1996 (1996)–present
Labels Blue Note
Members Dennis Passley
Nigel Williams
John Griffith
Marco Raposo
Gord Shields
Christian McKibbin
Sheldon Moore

The Pocket Dwellers (sometimes known as the "Mighty Mighty Pocket Dwellers") are a seven member experimental hip-hop group from the Toronto area. They have been performing since 1996. The band's main genre is hip-hop, but their music is influenced by jazz, funk, soul and breakbeat.


They released their first full length record in 2000 after they signed a recording deal with the ill-fated Song Corp. Soon after the October release the label had investors pull out and the label went bankrupt in early 2001. It left the Dwellers in limbo because the highly anticipated release of Digitally Organic was sort of lost in the labels inability to support the product.

The next release was the album recorded live at a club in Toronto called th Reverb. It included excerpts from back to back sold out performances. The recording was released under Urbnet records and did well in re-establishing the band's image for performing live and with unparalleled energy.

In 2005 they signed with Blue Note/EMI and released PD-Atrics. The recording was more hip hop based and involved less live instrumentation than had been employed in the past.


  • Dennis Passley "Deknow" – tenor saxophone
  • Nigel Williams "N.I.Gel" – vocals
  • John Griffith "Quest" – saxophone, flute
  • Marco Raposo "Red" – drums
  • Gord Shields "Jupiter" – bass guitar
  • Christian McKibbin "Holy C" – guitar
  • Sheldon Moore "S-luv" – turntables
guest musicians:



  1. Limited Edition - EP (1998)
  2. Digitally Organic (August 29, 2002)
  3. Lifecheck (August 19, 2003)
  4. PD-Atrics (October 4, 2005)


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