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Pocket Fritz, which is at version 4, is a chess playing program for Pocket PC personal digital assistants (PDAs).

Since the popularity of the PDA came about in the 1990s, some chess programs have been written for the portable market. This has also been in response to the increased popularity of chess in recent years. In 2001, Pocket Fritz 1 was released. Unlike the name may suggest, the engine uses a port of Shredder chess engine [1]. Pocket Fritz 2 was released in 2002 and expands many functions like the options to comment [2]. In 2006, Pocket Fritz 1 and 2 lost the online ability to search positions on Chessbase servers [3]. Pocket Fritz 3 was released in 2008 and featured Hiarcs 12 as engine [4]. The successor Pocket Fritz 4 was released in 2009 and uses Hiarcs 13 as engine [5].

Pocket Fritz 4 (2009)[edit]

The Pocket Fritz 4 won the Copa Mercosur tournament in Buenos Aires, Argentina with nine wins and one draw on August 4–14, 2009. A big improvement over last year's 6 wins and 4 draws with Pocket Fritz 3. The 2009 Copa Mercosur tournament was a category 6 tournament. The Pocket Fritz 4 achieved a performance rating 2898. It uses chess engine HIARCS 13. The Pocket Fritz 4 was running on the mobile phone HTC Touch HD.[6] Pocket Fritz 4 searches fewer than 20,000 positions per second.


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