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Pocket Radar
Pocket Radar Photo.jpg
Type K-Band Handheld Doppler Speed Radar
Frequency 24.125 GHz
Range Measures from 7 to 375 mph (11 to 604 km/h)
Precision ±1 mph (±1.6 km/h)
Power AAA Alkaline Batteries with 10,000 readings life

Pocket Radar is a handheld K‐band Doppler speed radar gun developed and manufactured by Santa Rosa, Calif.‐based Pocket Radar, Inc. Designed for use by athletes, coaches, trainers, hobbyists, sports fans, those concerned with neighborhood safety, the palm‐sized radar gun is engineered with new Doppler radar signal sensing and processing technology with re‐engineered microwave and antenna components that are able to fit into a tiny planar structure the size of a credit card, creating a new market category for speed radar devices.[1]


Pocket Radar utilizes the same microwave signal emission and detection methods found in the Doppler speed radar guns used by law enforcement agencies. The device measures 4.7 by 2.3 inches (119 by 58 mm) and weighs 4.5 ounces (130 g). when equipped with two AAA batteries. It operates at the 24.125 GHz K-Band frequency and can measure speeds ranging from 7 to 375 mph (11 to 604 km/h) with an accuracy of ±1 mph (±1.6 km/h) and can also measure feet/second and meters/second.[2]

Pocket Radar, Inc[edit]

Pocket Radar was developed and manufactured by Pocket Radar, Inc. of Santa Rosa, California. The company’s founders, Chris Stewart, Steve Goody, and Grant Moulton were developers in wireless and communication technology companies Hewlett Packard, Cerent Corporation, Caymas Systems, Next Level Communications, Agilent Technologies, and Cisco Systems, prior to forming Pocket Radar, Inc.


The Pocket Radar was released at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in the personal electronics category where it was received by technology press including CNN, The Los Angeles Times, PC Magazine, Consumer Reports, FOX Business News, ABC News, and others. In 2010, the device was named an Innovations Honoree by the Consumer Electronics Show and received the Popular Mechanic's Editor's Choice Award in 2010.[3]


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