Pocona Municipality

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Pocona Municipality
The UNESCO World Heritage site of Inkallaqta in the Pocona Municipality
The UNESCO World Heritage site of Inkallaqta in the Pocona Municipality
Pocona Municipality is located in Bolivia
Pocona Municipality
Pocona Municipality
Location of the Pocona Municipality within Bolivia
Coordinates: 17°40′0″S 65°12′0″W / 17.66667°S 65.20000°W / -17.66667; -65.20000Coordinates: 17°40′0″S 65°12′0″W / 17.66667°S 65.20000°W / -17.66667; -65.20000
Country Flag of Bolivia.svg Bolivia
Department Cochabamba Department
Province Carrasco Province
Seat Pocona
 • Mayor Carlos Rodriguez Peredo (2008)
 • President Felix Guardia (2008)
Elevation 13,000 ft (4,000 m)
Population (2001)
 • Total 13,488
 • Density 40/sq mi (15.5/km2)

Pocona Municipality is the third municipal section of the Carrasco Province in the Cochabamba Department in Bolivia. Its seat is Pocona. At the time of census 2001 the municipality had 13,488 inhabitants.[1]


Some of the highest mountains of the municipality are listed below:[2][3]


The municipality is divided into five cantons.

Canton Inhabitants (2001) [4] Seat Inhabitants (2001)
Pocona Canton 4.251 Pocona / Puquna 244
Chimboata Canton 963 Chimboata / Chimpuwata 69
Chillicchi Canton 405 Chillicchi 130
Huayapacha Canton 5,461 Huayapacha / Wayapacha 206
Conda Canton 2,408 Conda 311

The People[edit]

Some data:[5]

Pocona Municipality
National ranking (out of 314 municipalities) 264
Human Development Index (2001) 0.475
Life Expectancy Index 0.526
Education Index 0.576
Life expectancy (years) 56.6
Literacy of adults (% of 15 years old and more) 72.0
Average years of schooling 3.3
Population census 2001 13,488
Percentage of rural population 100.0%


The languages spoken in the Pocona Municipality are mainly Quechua and Spanish.[6]

Language Inhabitants
Quechua 12,482
Aymara 39
Guaraní 3
Another native 6
Spanish 4,954
Foreign 22
Only native 7,706
Native and Spanish 4,790
Only Spanish 166


The principal economic activities are the cultivation of stone fruit and potatoes and tourism.

Places of interest[edit]

The monumental Inca site of Inkallaqta is situated in the Pocona Municipality.

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