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Pocoyo Logo.png
Genre Preschool education
Created by David Cantolla
Luis Gallego
Guillermo Garcia
Colman Lopez
Developed by Andy Yekes
Written by Guillermo García Carsí
Andy Yerkes
Directed by Guillermo García Carsí
David Cantolla
Alfonso Rodriguez
Narrated by Jose María del Río (Castilian Spanish)
Stephen Fry (English, Series 1-2)
Stephen Hughes (English, Series 3-present)
Theme music composer Daniel Heredero
Composer(s) Elliot Lawrence
Country of origin Spain
United Kingdom
Original language(s) Castilian Spanish
No. of series 4
No. of episodes 234
Executive producer(s) Kathryn Hart for Zinkia Entertainment
Anne Brogan for Granada Kids
Jonathan Doyle for Cosgrove Hall Films (2005)/Granada Kids (2007)
Producer(s) Carolina Matas
Pilar Cubría
Editor(s) Catherine Williams
Running time 7 minutes
30 minutes (3 to 4 7-minute episodes)
Production company(s) Zinkia Entertainment

Cosgrove Hall Films (Season 1)
Cosgrove Hall Fitzpatrick Entertainment
Original network Clan (Spain)
YouTube (2016-Present)
Original release 7 January 2005 (2005-01-07) – present
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Pocoyo (Pocoyó in Spanish) is a Spanish-British-American pre-school comedy animated television series created by Guillermo García Carsí, Colman López, Luis Gallego and David Cantolla, and is a co-production between Spanish producer Zinkia Entertainment, Cosgrove-Hall Films and Granada International. Two series have been produced, each consisting of 52 seven-minute episodes. English actor and comedian Stephen Fry narrates the English-language version and José María del Río narrates the Castilian Spanish version of the first two seasons, while Stephen Hughes narrates the third season, called Let's Go Pocoyo. In 2016, a new spin-off show called "Pocoyo Planet" was created.

Set in a 3D space, with a plain white background and usually no backdrops, it is about Pocoyo, a 4-year-old boy, interacting with his friends Pato (a duck), Elly (an elephant) and Loula (a dog). Viewers are encouraged to recognize situations that Pocoyo is in, and things that are going on with or around him. The narrator usually speaks explicitly to the viewers and to the characters as well. Each character has its own distinctive dance and also a specific sound (usually from a musical instrument), and most episodes end with the characters dancing.

In the United Kingdom, it was originally broadcast on CITV, a children's strand on the ITV network. In September 2005, Channel 5 acquired terrestrial rights in the United Kingdom to the first and second series, making it part of the Milkshake! strand. The show, however, will continue to air on the CITV Channel.[1] Other broadcasters in the English speaking countries include RTÉ in the Republic of Ireland, Syndication and on Univision in LATAM Spanish, Treehouse TV in Canada,[2] ABC in Australia, Playhouse Disney in Asia and TVNZ in New Zealand.

The show aired on HBO Family from 2005 to 2009, and PBS Kids from 2009 to 2010. In 2010, the show premiered on Nick Jr.; like Tiny Planets and Peppa Pig, it was originally shown as 7-minute segments between shows before being expanded to a half-hour show on July 19, 2011. On January 2, 2015, it was removed along with Ni Hao, Kai-Lan and Olivia; two months later, episodes of the show were made available on the Noggin app. Episodes of "Pocoyo Planet" are currently on the app as well.

In Spain, TVE2 started broadcasting the second series in April 2007.[3] The third season began airing in 2010 under the title Let's Go Pocoyo and was designed to teach English to Spanish preschoolers. The makers also wish to embark upon other projects, one of which may be a Pocoyo movie.[4] In June 2006, Pocoyo was awarded the Cristal Award for the "Best TV Production" at the 30th Annecy International Animated Film Festival.[5]


Pocoyo's name was provided by David Cantolla, one of the creators, after his then three-year-old daughter used it in her nightly prayers saying "Eres niño poco yo" ("You're a child little me") instead of "Eres niño como yo" ("You're a child like me"). "Pocoyó" could roughly be translated to English as "little me", "not much me" or "a little bit me", though it is a made-up construction.[6] The show is created with Softimage XSI software.[2]



  • Pocoyo is the main character of the series. He is a four-year-old boy[7] who is full of curiosity and loves to play games and discover new things. He is very acrobatic and moves at a quick speed. He is always shown wearing blue clothes and a hat. His best friends are Pato, Elly, and Loula. He has a vehicle called the Vamoosh which he can use to travel under the water, in the air or through space. Although he is very friendly and sweet and almost always in a good mood, Pocoyo is also highly self-centered, distracted by the simplest things, easily frustrated, frequently jealous of his friends, and disobedient, but tries his hardest to fight his flaws and learn morals. He is voiced by Alex Marty in Season 1, Montana Smedley in Season 2, Isabella Foy in Seasons 3-4 (aka Let's Go Pocoyo) and Gigi Hart in Season 4.
  • The Narrator (del Rio, Fry or Hughes) speaks over the entire show, and often communicates directly with the characters. Pocoyo has a good relationship with him, and is always really delighted to see (hear) him. The narrator is also at times physically involved in the events of the episodes, making him more of an heard-but-not-seen character rather than a strict narrator.
  • Pato is a yellow duck who wears nothing but a small green hat. He has a fondness for gardening, and is often seen watering plants and flowerbeds. Pato means duck in Spanish, Portuguese, Filipino, Tok Pisin and Papiamento. He is a favourite amongst the young children due to his enjoyable dancing and the fact that his beak turns 360 degrees. Although friendly, Pato is the most fussy and impatient character (indicated by his beak that bends in an angle when disappointed or shocked); on occasion he completely loses his temper, jumping up and down and quacking furiously with his beak spinning rapidly. He is used as a jackhammer or missile and can become a helicopter. In the pilot episode in 2003, he was first called Ducky then changed the name to Pato.
  • Elly is a pink elephant who always wears a blue backpack. She loves making biscuits and tea, and has a doll that she loves very much. Despite her size, she is graceful and gentle, capable of ballet dancing. She is, however, very bossy and generally does things her way. She usually rides around on her pink scooter.
  • Loula is Pocoyo's orange-yellow pet puppy and companion. She is also strictly a dog as she walks on all four of her legs. She sometimes hops as she is walking. Originally, the character's name was Lucas, in tribute to creator and director Guillermo García Carsi's dog but due to a shortage of female characters, the character was renamed Loula.
  • Sleepy Bird is a teal-coloured bird. She does little but sleep and usually flies with her eyes closed. She is named "Pajaroto" in the Spanish version (reportedly named after a Zinkia employee nicknamed "Maroto", and bearing a strong resemblance to him)[citation needed] The character is also known as "Pajaro Dormilon" in the LATAM-Latin American Spanish version. For the episodes where Nina is present (excluding her debut appearance and the episodes where she's absent) she was removed from the title sequence to make room for Nina.
  • The Children are a group of kids who, like The Narrator, speak over the show, answering questions asked by The Narrator in order to assist Pocoyo in solving a problem or to let Pocoyo in on what's going on. Like the Narrator, the children's consistent involvement in the plot make them a sort of character in the show.
  • Nina is a character who is introduced in the 4th Season episode of the same name. She has red hair, wears a lime green hoodie with two antennas, lime green shorts and lime green shoes, has the ability to change size and speaks in a Japanese-like language. Her name is Spanish for "girl". She also has a robotic pet called Roberto (pronounced Roh-bear-toe). She replaces Loula's bit in the title sequence (except in her debut appearance and the episodes where she's absent). She is voiced by Noela Rodriguez.


  • Aliens are sweet big and little green, pink, and blue tripedal beings that Pocoyo finds in space in search of his toy plane and other adventures. They communicate with one another using staccato 'clicking' noises.
  • Baby Bird is the small, always active (he has not inherited his mother's fondness of sleeping) and loud baby of Sleepy Bird, who gets into tricky situations from which he is rescued by Pocoyo. He is best friends with Caterpillar. Named "Pajarito" in Spanish version ('little bird').
  • Ball Orchestra is a group of three ball-like creatures who play the trumpet, drums and cymbals.
  • Butterfly is a very hungry butterfly which Pocoyo occasionally catches.
  • Caterpillar (named "Valentina" or "Oruga" in Spanish) is a yellow caterpillar with a blue bow on top of her head. She speaks in gibberish and has the ability to change into a butterfly and back when she wants. She is best friends with Baby Bird and friends with Angry Alien. When overjoyed or frustrated, she tends to slam her face forward into the ground.
  • Fred the Octopus/Octopus (AKA Pulpo in the Spanish version) is a lunatic red octopus (although shown with only 4 legs, as to make animation rendering simpler) who speaks in gibberish like Caterpillar, and is very fond of opera singing. He appears in random episodes, sometimes as a major character, sometimes in passing. As of Season Two, he is sometimes referred to as 'Fred'. His vocal style is reminiscent of Pee-wee Herman.
  • Music Flower & The Band are musical characters who play music that Pocoyo likes.
  • Whale is a huge white whale with red cheeks whom Pocoyo meets under the sea.
  • Baby Spider is a small blue spider that hatched out of an egg that Pato finds.


To date three series have been produced, each with 52 episodes. There is also an unreleased episode entitled "The See-Saw",[8]

Series 1 (2005–2007)[edit]

The following is based on the YouTube Pocoyo Channel:

  1. Umbrella (7 January 2005) - Written by: Andy Yerkes
  2. Drum Roll Please (14 January 2005) - Written by: Claudia Silver
  3. Swept Away (21 January 2005) - Written by: P. Kevin Strader
  4. Who's On the Phone? (28 January 2005) - Written by:Pippin Parker
  5. Fetch Loula Fetch (4 February 2005) - Written by: P. Kevin Strader
  6. A Little Cloud (11 February 2005) - Written by: Andy Yerkes
  7. A Present for Elly (18 February 2005) - Written by: Susan Kim
  8. Pocoyo Dance (25 February 2005) - Written by: Susan Kim
  9. The Big Sneeze (4 March 2005) - Written by: Claudia Silver
  10. A Mystery Most Puzzling (11 March 2005) - Written by: Pippin Parker
  11. Hush (18 March 2005) - Written by: Michele F. Cavin
  12. Double Bubble (25 March 2005) - Written by: David Ingham
  13. The Key To It All (1 April 2005) - Written by: Andy Yerkes
  14. Keep Going, Pocoyo! (8 April 2005) - Written by: David Ingham
  15. Sleepy Bird's Surprise (15 April 2005) - Written by: P. Kevin Strader
  16. Where's Pocoyo? (without Elly and Pato) (22 April 2005) - Written by: Susan Kim
  17. Drummer Boy (29 April 2005) - Written by: Claudia Silver
  18. The Great Race (6 May 2005) - Written by: Annie Evans
  19. Don't Touch! (13 May 2005) - Written by: Pippin Parker
  20. Mystery Footprints (20 May 2005) - Written by: Susan Kim
  21. Magical Watering Can (27 May 2005) - Written by: Michele F. Cavin
  22. Table for Fun (3 June 2005) - Written by: Pippin Parker
  23. Twinkle Twinkle (10 June 2005) - Written by: Susan Kim - A star falls from the night sky, and Elly tries to put it back in place
  24. Hiccup (17 June 2005) - Written by: Annie Evans – Pato's friends try to help him get rid of the hiccups.
  25. Pato's Postal Service (24 June 2005) – Written by: P. Kevin Strader - Pocoyo wants to send a letter, and Pato becomes a postal carrier.
  26. Puppy Love (1 July 2005) - Written by: Claudia Silver
  27. Bat and Ball (8 July 2005) - Written by: Rebecca Chace
  28. Elly's Spots (15 July 2005) - Written by: Chris Hoey
  29. Up Up and Away (22 July 2005) - Written by: Jeff Kindley
  30. A Surprise for Pocoyo (29 July 2005) - Written by: Pippin Parker
  31. Having a Ball (7 October 2005) - Written by: Claudia Silver
  32. Super Pocoyo (14 October 2005) - Written by: Jeff Kindley
  33. Let's Go Camping (21 October 2005) - Written by: Pippin Parker
  34. Pocoyo, Pocoyo (28 October 2005) - Written by: James Ponti
  35. Elly's Big Chase (25 November 2005) - Written by: Susan Kim
  36. Pocoyo Gets it Right (2 December 2005) - Written by: David Ingham
  37. Juggling Balls (9 December 2005) - Written by: Rebecca Chace
  38. Fussy Duck (16 December 2005) - Written by: Andy Yerkes
  39. A Dog's Life (23 December 2005) - Written by: Pippin Parker
  40. Pocoyolympics (30 December 2005) - Written by: Susan Kim
  41. Picture This (10 March 2006) - Written by: David Ingham
  42. Whale's Birthday (13 January 2006) - Written by: Claudia Silver
  43. Pocoyo's Little Friend (26 August 2005) - Written by: P. Kevin Strader
  44. Color My World (3 February 2006) - Written by: Rebecca Chace - Pocoyo finds a new toy, a remote control that changes the colours of the things around him. It's great fun, until he changes the colours of his friends. We have to help him put things back to the way they were.
  45. Bedtime (10 February 2006) - Written by: Claudia Silver
  46. A Little Something Between Friends (17 February 2006) - Written by: Pippin Parker - Pocoyo and Pato argue and build a wall
  47. Giggle Bug (24 February 2006) - Written by: Susan Kim
  48. What's in the Box? (18 November 2005) - Written by: David Ingham
  49. Musical Blocks (3 March 2006) - Written by: P. Kevin Strader
  50. Paint Me a Picture! (17 March 2006) - Written by: Rebecca Chace
  51. Elly's Doll (11 November 2005) - Written by: Jeff Kindley
  52. Wackily Ever After (5 January 2007) - Written by: James Ponti

Series 2 (2006–2010)[edit]

  1. Mr. Big Duck (16 June 2006) (Pato finds a pair of sunglasses)
  2. Guess What? (23 June 2006) (The viewers try to guess what objects Pocoyo is hiding)
  3. All for One (30 June 2006)
  4. Band of Friends (7 July 2006)
  5. Upside Down (14 July 2006)
  6. Mad Mix Machine (12 January 2007) – Pocoyo takes peoples things without asking and mixes them with other objects.
  7. The Messy Guest (21 July 2006) – Pocoyo's friends are upset that he made a mess.
  8. New on the Planet (28 July 2006) – A little green alien comes to visit Pocoyo's world.
  9. Pocoyo's Present (3 November 2006)– Elly tries to get Pocoyo to open a present for her.
  10. Elly's Ballet Class (10 November 2006) – Elly gets Pocoyo, Pato, Baby Bird, and Caterpillar to star in her ballet class, but she is too bossy.
  11. Pocoyo's Balloon (17 November 2006)
  12. Who's Calling Me Now? (24 November 2006) – Pocoyo, Pato, Elly, and Loula make Baby Bird upset after teasing each other with different whistles.
  13. Big Scary Slide (12 January 2007) – Pocoyo tries to conquer his fear of going down a giant slide.
  14. Elly's Shoes (26 January 2007)– Elly gets new shoes and refuses to take them off.
  15. Duck Stuck (1 December 2006) – Pato goes inside different doors but,when he gets stuck in one,it’s up to Pocoyo to save him.
  16. Scary Noises (22 December 2006)– Pato is scared of an orange alien after the tailfin of the Vamoosh goes missing.
  17. Not in my Backyard! (16 February 2007)– People are littering throughout Pocoyo's world.
  18. Vamoosh on the Loosh (29 December 2006) – Baby Bird takes a joyride on the Vamoosh and Pocoyo and Pato chases after him.
  19. Detective Pocoyo (23 February 2007) – Elly's doll goes missing, and Detective Pocoyo helps her find it.
  20. Scooter Madness (2 March 2007) – Pato breaks Elly's scooter.
  21. Lost in Space (9 March 2007) – The little green alien and Pocoyo get lost.
  22. Boo! (16 March 2007)– Pocoyo decides to scare his friends, but they don't like it.
  23. Party Pooper (23 March 2007) – Pocoyo only wants his friends to play his way at his party.
  24. My Pato! (30 March 2007) - Elly and Pocoyo have a quarrel over who gets to play with Pato.
  25. Baby Bird Bother (6 April 2007) – Baby Bird starts following Pocoyo around.
  26. Dirty Dog (13 April 2007) -Loula is dirty, and Pocoyo, Pato, and Elly try to clean her.
  27. The Seed (20 April 2007)– Pocoyo takes care of a seed.
  28. Runaway Hat (27 July 2007) - Pato's hat blows away, and he hides it from his friends.
  29. Invisible Pocoyo (1 February 2008) – Pocoyo turns invisible with a device that Pato made.
  30. Noise to my Ears (8 February 2008)
  31. Baby Bird Sitting (15 February 2008) – Pocoyo tries to babysit Baby Bird, but Baby Bird's noisy and messy antics leave Pocoyo in trouble.
  32. Everyone's Present (22 February 2008) – Pocoyo, Pato, and Elly each receive presents.
  33. Magic Act (29 February 2008)
  34. Picnic Puzzle (21 March 2008) – Food is mysteriously disappearing, and Pocoyo and Elly think Pato is to blame.
  35. Pocoyo's Puppet Show (28 March 2008) – Pocoyo tries to put on a puppet show.
  36. Pato's Egg (4 April 2008) – Pato finds an egg.
  37. Dance Off! (11 April 2008) – Pocoyo and Pato try to compete against each other in a dance off and it's up to Elly's Dance moves to keep it from getting out of hand.
  38. Get Lost Loula (18 April 2008) - After Loula cheats in hide and seek, Pocoyo forces her to leave.
  39. Sneaky Shoes (25 April 2008)– Pato finds a pair of shoes that help him run faster, but little does he know that the shoes have a mind of their own.
  40. Shutterbug (2 May 2008) – Pato is not happy with any of his pictures.
  41. Angry Alien (9 May 2008) – An evil alien tries unsuccessfully to take over.
  42. Pato Underwater (16 May 2008) – Pato decides to meet his friends Octopus and Whale, but finds out his toys don't work underwater.
  43. Pato's Paintings (23 May 2008) – Pocoyo tries to get Pato interested in painting.
  44. Monster Mystery (30 May 2008)
  45. Poczilla (parody of Godzilla (1954); 6 June 2008) – Pocoyo and Pato pretend to be monsters, not realizing they're scaring off the tiny people of a city.
  46. Elly on Ice (13 June 2008)
  47. Farewell Friends (20 June 2008) Pato is leaving,but not in a way you would expect...
  48. Double Trouble (27 June 2008) – Pato makes a clone of himself so he can go on the see-saw.
  49. Horse! (4 July 2008)– Pocoyo loses his temper when his friends won't give him a real horse.
  50. Elly's Tea Party (11 July 2008)– Elly invites Pocoyo, Pato and Baby Bird over for a tea party but her bossiness nearly ruins it.
  51. Talent Show (18 July 2008) – Pocoyo and his friends put on a talent show.
  52. Remember When... (1 January 2010) – A clip episode where Pocoyo and his friends watch home movies.

Series 3: Let's Go Pocoyo! (2010)[edit]

In 2010, a third season was made called Let's Go Pocoyo. It was designed to teach basic English to Spanish preschoolers. It features games, songs, activities, numbers, and letters.

Series 4: NOGGIN's Pocoyo World Series 1 (2016-2017)[edit]

  1. Showtime (6 Apr 2016)
  2. Countryside Break (6 Apr 2016)
  3. Fun with Water (6 Apr 2016)
  4. Taking Care of Nature (6 Apr 2016)
  5. Pato's New Profession (6 Apr 2016)
  6. The Power of Imagination (6 Apr 2016)
  7. The Amazing Race (6 Apr 2016)
  8. Exploring the World (6 Apr 2016)
  9. Space Voyagers (6 Apr 2016)
  10. Travel with Friends (6 Apr 2016)
  11. Games & Puzzles (6 Apr 2016)
  12. The Thrills of Sports (6 Apr 2016)
  13. Looking for Pocoyo (6 Apr 2016)
  14. The Birthday Party (15 Feb 2017)
  15. Everyone on Wheels (15 Feb 2017)
  16. Food Lovers (15 Feb 2017)
  17. Building Frenzy (15 Feb 2017)
  18. Outdoors Playing, Outdoors Learning (15 Feb 2017)
  19. Friendship (15 Feb 2017)
  20. Time for Bed (15 Feb 2017)
  21. The Perfect Hostess (15 Feb 2017)
  22. Magic Tricks (15 Feb 2017)
  23. Goodnight Pocoyo (15 Feb 2017)
  24. Playing High (15 Feb 2017)
  25. Amazing Gadgets (15 Feb 2017)
  26. Pocoyo's Masterpieces (15 Feb 2017)

Series 5: YouTube Series (2017-Present)[edit]

List of Episodes of Season 4
Episode Title Summery Airate
Holidays Pocoyo & his friends discuss about their holidays but however, they made it up to see who has the better vacation. Nov 25, 2016
Christmas Tree Pocoyo & co. decided to make a Christmas tree, but it's almost impossible to get one. Dec 16, 2016
Chicks Dig Me When Pocoyo is taking a stroll, He found 3 pairs of eggs which appears to be chicks, but needs a hand to take care of them. Jan 27, 2017
Call Me It's Pato's relaxing day as he got a package which appears to be his new phone. However, Pato seems to get a little bit annoyed with it. Feb 17, 2017

Series 6: NOGGIN's Pocoyo World Series 2 (2018)[edit]

  1. A New Fancy Style (10 Jan 2018)
  2. Time for Mystery (10 Jan 2018)
  3. The Little Chef (10 Jan 2018)
  4. Sleepyhead Pocoyo (10 Jan 2018)
  5. Fantastic Stories (10 Jan 2018)
  6. MAD for Technology (10 Jan 2018)
  7. Field Trip (10 Jan 2018)
  8. Shifting Sizes (10 Jan 2018)
  9. Anatomy Lesson (10 Jan 2018)
  10. Groceries Fun (10 Jan 2018)
  11. New Games & New Friends (10 Jan 2018)
  12. Master of Puppets (10 Jan 2018)
  13. Playground Party (10 Jan 2018)
  14. Starting the Day with Pocoyo (10 Jan 2018)
  15. City Problem (10 Jan 2018)
  16. Pato, The One & Only (10 Jan 2018)
  17. Good Old Times (10 Jan 2018)
  18. Toys for Everyone (10 Jan 2018)
  19. Circus Show (10 Jan 2018)
  20. Good Night Pocoyo II (10 Jan 2018)
  21. Pocoyo Goes Back to School (10 Jan 2018)
  22. Everyone's An Artist (10 Jan 2018)
  23. Pocoyo Learns New Values (10 Jan 2018)
  24. Animal Friends (10 Jan 2018)
  25. Taking Care of Friends (10 Jan 2018)
  26. Fishing Day (10 Jan 2018)

In other media[edit]


  1. La Gran Fiesta de Pocoyó
  2. El Show de Pocoyó (Pocoyó y El Circo Especial)
  3. Pocoyo And The Space Circus
  4. Pocoyo Tu Primera Pelicula

Video games[edit]

  1. Hello Pocoyo! (Nintendo DS)
  2. Pocoyo Racing (Wii)
  3. Pocoyo World Online Games (Windows)

2 video games have been made based on the franchise developed by Zinkia Entertainment themselves, the first one titled Hello Pocoyo! was released for the Nintendo DS in 2008 being published by V.2 Play. The second game, Pocoyo Racing was released for the Nintendo DS and Wii in 2011 being published by Zinkia Entertainment. Alongside those games various App games have been released based on the franchise.


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