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Podaraki (Greek: Ποδαράκι) is a Greek dancing song from the region of Pontos, now in modern-day Turkey as well as the northern Thrace. The dance is called Podaraki (meaning "small foot" in Greeks) because it involves much stomping with the Podia (feet) of the dancer. It is danced both by men and women usually in an open circle, and rarelly in straight line. It's a female song, also called μπάτε "κορίτσια στο χορό" mpate koritsia sto horo (meaning go girls for dance), from its lyrics, in where a supposed girl calls the other girls to go for dance and to have fun before marrying. In its second half, after expressing the traditional critic against both her husband and her mother and father-in-law for not letting her go for dance and fun the supposed girl explains how she avenges both them and her children for that.

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