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The Podgorica Marathon is an annual road running event in Montenegro, which features a full-length (42.195 km) marathon, half marathon as well as a 5km fun run race.

A group of enthusiasts came up with a plan organise a marathon in Podgorica and the first edition took place on 8 October 1994. The 2011 of the race featured more than 3000 runners from 33 countries. Slađana Perunović set a women's Montenegrin record in the marathon at the event, coming second in a time of 2:41:02 hours.[1]

The 2014 course for full-length marathon led from central Podgorica to the southern suburb of Golubovci, then east through the Zeta Plain, to the town of Tuzi, before returning to the center of the city. The half marathon race course started in Danilovgrad, finishing at the center of Podgorica. The 5km fun run course circles the urban center of Podgorica. All the courses finish at the same spot, the Republic Square.

Marathon winners[edit]

Olivera Jevtić is a three-time champion and course record holder on the women's side.

Key:   Course record

Edition Date Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
1st 1994  Borislav Dević (FR Yugoslavia) 2:23:24  Ilona Kalmar (FR Yugoslavia) 3:04:55
2nd 1995  Srba Nikolić (FR Yugoslavia) 2:30:45  Ilona Kalmar (FR Yugoslavia) 3:04:08
3rd 1996  Wodajo Bulti (ETH) 2:21:05  Svetlana Șepelev-Tcaci (MDA) 2:49:35
4th 1997  Petko Stefanov (BUL) 2:11:41  Svetlana Șepelev-Tcaci (MDA) 2:49:25
5th 1998  Petko Stefanov (BUL) 2:15:16  Vesna Stevanović (FR Yugoslavia) 2:45:25
6th 1999  Yuriy Chizhov (RUS) 2:22:29  Svetlana Șepelev-Tcaci (MDA) 2:42:46
7th 2000  Sreten Ninković (FR Yugoslavia) 2:28:08  Vesna Stevanović (FR Yugoslavia) 3:11:16
8th 2001  Đuro Kodžo (BIH) 2:30:11  Vesna Stevanović (FR Yugoslavia) 2:59:45
9th 2002  Maricel Gaman (ROM) 2:23:28  Vesna Stevanović (FR Yugoslavia) 2:45:54
10th 2003  Emmanuel Kosgei (KEN) 2:12:48  Olesya Nurgaliyeva (RUS) 2:36:08
11th 2004  Iaroslav Mușinschi (MDA) 2:21:41  Tatyana Perepelkina (RUS) 2:46:58
12th 2005  Iaroslav Mușinschi (MDA) 2:23:59  Tatyana Perepelkina (RUS) 2:41:56
13th 2006  Luwis Masunda (ZIM) 2:29:12  Svetlana Șepelev-Tcaci (MDA) 2:56:35
14th 2007  Mike Fokoroni (ZIM) 2:19:08  Tatyana Perepelkina (RUS) 2:47:12
15th 2008  Iaroslav Mușinschi (MDA) 2:14:50  Olivera Jevtić (SRB) 2:40:05
16th 2009  Dmitriy Safronov (RUS) 2:11:51  Olivera Jevtić (SRB) 2:31:18
17th 2010  Buliche Mendaya (ETH) 2:16:05  Ana Subotić (SRB) 2:43:22
18th 2011  Oleg Gurs (BLR) 2:18:52  Ana Subotić (SRB) 2:40:36
19th 2012  Elisha Sawe (KEN) 2:19:23  Olivera Jevtić (SRB) 2:37:58
20th[2] 2013  Anthony Wangechi (KEN) 2:15:00  Slađana Perunović (MNE) 2:42:35
21st 2014  Silas Toek (KEN) 2:16:02  Olivera Jevtić (SRB) 2:38:19
22nd 2015  Justus Kiprono (KEN) 2:19:20  Olivera Jevtić (SRB) 2:39:32


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