Podgorica Capital City

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Podgorica Capital City
Glavni grad Podgorica / Главни град Подгорица
Montenegro Podgorica.png
Country Template:Flag Montenegro
Seat Podgorica
Number of settlements 143 (136 rural, 7 urban)
 • Total 1,441 km2 (556 sq mi)
 • Total 185,937
 • Density 130/km2 (330/sq mi)

Podgorica Capital City (Montenegrin: Glavni grad Podgorica / Главни град Подгорица) is one of the territorial subdivisions of Montenegro. The seat of municipality is city of Podgorica.


As with other Montenegrin municipalities, the city and the municipality of Podgorica are governed by the same mayor and city assembly, forming one political body. See politics of Podgorica.


Municipality of Podgorica is the only Montenegrin municipality to have urban municipalities (Gradske Opštine) - Tuzi and Golubovci. Those are semi-independent municipalities, with limited self-governing powers. The entire municipality of Podgorica is further divided into 57 local communities (mjesne zajednice, мјесне заједнице), bodies in which the citizens participate in decisions on matters of relevance to the local community.


The municipality of Podgorica is located in central eastern part of Montenegro, covering an area of 1,441 km², thus being the second largest Montenegrin municipality, after Nikšić. It occupies the area north of Skadar Lake, including the entire Zeta Plain, and stretches north into the sparsely populated Dinaric Alps. Thus, the municipality occupies geographically very diverse area, ranging from the fertile lowlands in the south, to the rugged mountain ranges in the north.


Podgorica municipality can be viewed as the metropolitan area of the city of Podgorica. Population of the municipality was 185.937 in 2011.

Population by settlement[edit]

Urban settlements

Settlement Population (2003)
Podgorica 136,473
Tuzi 3,789
Golubovci 2,869
Mojanovići 1,850
Mataguži 1,299
Mahala 1,235
Goričani 1,205


Ethnicity in 2011

Ethnicity Number Percentage
Montenegrins 106,642 57,35%
Serbs 43,248 23,26%
Albanians 9,538 5,13%
Muslims 4,122 2,22%
Bosniaks 3,687 1,98%
Romani 3,988 2,14%
others 5,820 3,13%
undeclared 8,892 4,78%

Ethnicity in 2011 (municipality)

Ethnicity Number Percentage
Montenegrins 106,642 57.35%
Serbs 43,248 23.26%
Albanians 9,538 5.13%
Muslims by nationality 4,122 2.22%
Romani 3,988 2.14%
Bosniaks 3,687 1.98%
Croats 664 0.36%
Others 1,222 0.66%

Population history[edit]

Census Population
1948 48,599
1953 55,669
1961 72,319
1971 98,796
1981 132,290
1991 146,121
2003 169,132
2011 185,937