Podilsko-Voskresensky Bridge

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Podilsko-Voskresensky Bridge

Подільсько-Воскресенський мостовий перехід
Подільський міст липень 2014.jpg
Coordinates50°28′18″N 30°32′40″E / 50.47167°N 30.54444°E / 50.47167; 30.54444
CarriesRoad traffic, metro
CrossesKiev Harbour, Dnieper River, Desenka srait
LocaleKiev, Ukraine
Official nameПодільсько-Воскресенський мостовий перехід
Other name(s)Podilskyi Metro Bridge
Preceded byPodilskyi Railroad Bridge
Followed byParkovyi Bridge
Materialconcrete, steel
Total length4,432.2 metres (14,541 ft)
Longest span344 metres (1,129 ft)[1]
DesignerHeorhiy Fuchs
Construction start1993; 26 years ago (1993)[2]
Openedopening is planned for 2021[2]
Daily traffic59,000 (estimate)

The Podilsko-Voskresenskyi Bridge (Ukrainian: Подільсько-Воскресенський мостовий перехід) or Podilskyi Metro Bridge is a combined road-rail bridge over the Dnieper River under construction in Kiev, Ukraine.[3][4] It is a focal point of construction of the Podilsko-Voskresenska Line of the Kiev Metro.[5]

The two-level and 7 km (4 mi)-long bridge is intended to carry part of the future Podilsko-Voskresenska Line of the Kiev Metro and three lanes of road traffic in each direction, connecting the central Podil neighborhood to the left-bank parts of the city. The top level of the bridge will carry road traffic, while the bottom will carry rail traffic.

Construction is being carried out by the Kiev municipality.[5]

The construction of the bridge has been frozen multiple times due to a lack of funding.[5] In 2017, the bridge was reported to be 65% complete.[5] In 2018, construction accelerated.[5] In early 2019, authorities planned to launch vehicle traffic along the bridge before 2021.[5]


The bridge is located midway between the existing road Pivnichnyi Bridge and the Parkovyi Pedestrian Bridge. The bridge is located just north of the entrance to Kiev Harbour.


The bridge is intended to connect Podil on the right bank with Voskresenka and Raiduzhnyi Masyv on the left bank. Starting in Podil the bridge will cross the Rybalskyi Peninsula, the Dnieper River, Trukhaniv Island, and the Raiduzhni Sady dacha community, terminating on the left bank.

The bridge is actually a combination of several bridges, ramps, and other types of viaducts with a total length of 7.5 km (4.7 mi). It consists of several major components:

  • three bridges over Kiev Harbour
  • a bridge over Dnieper (main part)
  • a bridge over Chartoryi
  • a bridge over Raiduzhne Lake
  • viaducts over Trukhaniv Island and Horbachykha
  • four multi-level road interchanges

The bridge roadway is intended to have three lanes each way with a projected traffic intensity of 59,000 vehicle per day. The bridge will also carry the Podilsko–Vyhurivska line containing three metro stations on the bridge.


Accident with the crane Zakhariy
Construction site as of 2009, pictured from the Rybalskyi Peninsula
The bridge in 2015

On November 18, 2011 a crane vessel Zakhariy that was being used in the construction fell into the river and broke apart. The accident destroyed the crane and polluted the Dnieper's waters with crane oil and construction materials. During the accident, two other barges were damaged; the Harbour Bridge was only lightly damaged.

In December 2011, legal issues with the private owners of the land were settled, and the construction process was finally expanded to Trukhaniv Island.

In popular culture[edit]

In 2017, French rapper OrelSan produced a video-clip on this bridge for his song "Basique".[6]

Some scenes from the Diesel brand "Go with the Flow" campaign were filmed on this bridge.

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