Podkumok River

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Podkumok River near Georgiyevsk

Podkumok River (Russian: Подкумок) is a river in Stavropol Krai, Russia, right tributary of the Kuma River. The length of the river is 160 km (99 mi). The area of its basin is 2,220 km² (857 mi²). The Podkumok River originates in the Greater Caucasus.

It is widely used for irrigation. The biggest hydroelectric dam in Imperial Russia Water-powers Белые угли, built in 1903, was located on the Podkumok River near Yessentuki.

The towns of Kislovodsk, Yessentuki, Pyatigorsk, Georgiyevsk and urban-type settlements Goryachevodsky, Svobody are located on the Podkumok River.

Coordinates: 43°45′52″N 42°13′44″E / 43.76444°N 42.22889°E / 43.76444; 42.22889