Podmežakla Hall

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Dvorana Podmežakla
Location Jesenice, Slovenia
Coordinates 46°25′59″N 14°03′01″E / 46.4330656°N 14.050312°E / 46.4330656; 14.050312
Capacity Hockey: 4,500[1]
Basketball: 5,500[2]
Field size 61 x 30 m
Surface ice
Opened 1978
Renovated 1997, 2013
Expanded 2009–2011

Podmežakla Hall (Dvorana Podmežakla) is an indoor sporting arena located in Jesenice, Slovenia. It is the home of the HDD Jesenice ice hockey team and its affiliate HD Mladi Jesenice.[3] It is also the site of the Triglav Trophy, an annual international figure skating competition held each spring.[4] The name Podmežakla (literally 'below Mežakla') is derived from its location on the southwest bank of the Sava River, directly below the Mežakla Plateau.


The hall was opened in 1978 and was expanded between 2009 and 2011.[1] In March 2011, the hall was closed after inspectors determined that the hockey club was allowed to host spectators on the newly built eastern stand without an official state permit for it. The state inspectors also determined that Jesenice municipality neglected to obtain permit for the new parts built during the last major renovation in 1997.[5]

The hall was renovated in 2013 for the FIBA EuroBasket 2013 championship.[6]


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