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Podravka d.d.
Traded as ZSEPODR
Industry Food and beverages
Founded 1934
Founder Marijan & Matija Wolf
Headquarters Koprivnica, Croatia
Area served
Key people

Zvonimir Mršić, President of the Management Board[1]

Dubravko Štimac, President of the Supervisory Board[2]
Products food seasoning, soups, ready-to-serve meals, half-ready meals, vegetables, meat products, canned fish, sauces, tomato products, baby food, breakfast cereal, sweet products, ice-cream, bakery products, mill products, frozen products, side dishes, beverages, fresh meat.
Revenue Increase HRK 2,561.4 million (US$ 374.2 million) (Q1-Q3 2015)[3]
Increase HRK 131 million (US$ 19.1 million) (Q1–Q3 2015)
Number of employees
5,533 (30 June 2014)[4]
Website podravka.hr

Podravka is a food company based in Koprivnica, Croatia. It produces the rather well-known product Vegeta, amongst thousands of other products in its diverse catalogue.


Podravka brands:

  • Vegeta and Warzywko - original condiment
  • Studena and Studenac - bottled water
  • Eva - sardines
  • Tallianetta - pasta meals
  • Vital Fini-Mini - small soups
  • Fant - half ready-to-serve meals
  • Belsad - marmelades and james
  • Sms - oils
  • Provita - cereals
  • Čokolino and Lino - food for small children
  • Čokolešnik and Čoko - food for small children
  • Dolcela - cremes
  • Lero - juices
  • Kviki - salted snacks

Podravka is also known for its various pickled vegetables and Ajvar relish.


Vegeta: Podravka's best known product, a condiment

1934 – 1990[edit]

The brothers Marijan and Matija Wolf founded the company in 1934. At the time the firm was a fruit factory. When the communists under [marshal] Tito took power in 1947 the company was nationalized and received its current name.

In 1949, Podravka started producing fruit jam. 1952 new products were released on the market: once a fruit factory Podravka now started producing candy, mustard, ketchup, fruit brandy and canned meat. The production of instant soups started in 1957. The rooster on the chicken soup became a symbol in Yugoslavia.

In 1959 Vegeta was released. Today the condiment is sold in more than 40 countries.

In 1967, Podravka had its first cooperation with international companies and exported Vegeta to Hungary and the Soviet Union for the first time. After founding the subsidiary Belupo in 1972 Podravka started producing pharmaceuticals in Ludbreg and starting 1981 in Danica as well.

Developments after Croatian independence[edit]

After Croatia regained independence Podravka was privatized in 1993 and transformed into a stock company. The trade of Podravka shares at the Zagreb Stock Exchange started in 1998. With the 130 Million Euro gained from stock market launch 3 new factories were built.

In 2000 new production sites in Koprivnica and Poland were opened for Vegeta.[5] In the same year Podravka took over the exclusive sale of Barilla products in Poland[6] and one year later the exclusive sale for Kraš in Hungary.[7] In honour of Zlata Bartl, who was responsible for the development of Vegeta in 1959, the company created the Zlata-Bartl-Foundation in 2001.[8]

Podravka took over Ital-Ice and the Czech company Lagris in 2002. That same year Podravka signed partnership agreements with Nestlé,[9] Heinz[10] and Unilever[11] and transformed the pharmaceutical subsidiary Belupo into a stock company.[12]

In 2003, Podravka opened a new manufactory in the industrial zone of Danica. Three years later it took over the brand EVA.

In 2007, Podravka acquired the companies Warzywko and Perfekt in Poland and Lero in Croatia. That same year the Vienna Stock Exchange added Podravka to the CROX-Index.[13] Podravka signed a merchandising agreement with Paramount Pictures in 2008.[14] That same year it took over the brands Čokolešnik and Čoko.[15]

In 2009 the company was facing a corruption and financial scandal which led to the arrest of several board members[16] for using €35 million in company funds to try to take control of the company through illegal transactions.[17] That same year Belsad was taken over and a new logistics center was opened in Dugopolje.

In 2010, Podravka products were produced in the United States for the first time.[18]

In 2012 Zvonimir Mršić became Podravka’s chief executive officer and Dubravko Štimac was elected chairman of the supervisory board.[19]

In 2013, the company opened a Food innovation center in cooperation with the Ruđer Bošković Institute.[20] In the same year Podravka signed an agreement with the Croatian spirituous beverages producer Badel 1862 for exclusive distribution of Badel products in Slovenia.[21]

In 2014, Podravka took over the fish processing company Mirna[22] and acquired a 51.55% majority stake in Slovenian food company Žito in 2015.[23]

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