Poduzhemye (air base)

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Airport typeMilitary
OperatorRussian Air Force
Elevation AMSL157 ft / 48 m
Coordinates64°55′6″N 034°15′54″E / 64.91833°N 34.26500°E / 64.91833; 34.26500Coordinates: 64°55′6″N 034°15′54″E / 64.91833°N 34.26500°E / 64.91833; 34.26500
Direction Length Surface
ft m
8,202 2,500 Concrete

Poduzhemye (also Kem/Uzhmana or Uzhmana) is an air base in Karelia, Russia located 16 km west of Kem. It is an interceptor airfield which became operational in 1957 with the 265th Fighter Aviation Regiment (265 IAP) which flew Su-15 and Su-27 aircraft.[1] Aircraft from this base forced down Korean Air Flight 902, a Boeing 707, in 1978. Google high-res imagery shows that the base is abandoned and is in neglected condition. There is a noteworthy 45 x 25 m hangar north of the airfield.

The 265th Fighter Aviation Regiment arrived at the base from Riga-Rumbula in Latvia in 1953, when it was flying MiG-15s.[2] It transitioned to MiG-17s in 1954 and Su-15s in 1969. It was subordinated to the 113th Fighter Aviation Division from 13.6.55 - 1960, the 5th Air Defence Division, 1961 - 4.80, the Air Forces of the Leningrad Military District, 4.80 - 3.86, and then the 23rd Air Defence Division, 3.86 - 1994. The regiment was disbanded in 1994.

History of the airfield

The airfield during the war was used in the interests of the troops of the Karelian Front. In March 1944 and at the aerodrome were based parts of the operational group 8th long-range air corps: operational group 36th Long-Range Aviation Division and 109th Long-Range Aviation Regiment on IL-4.[3]

The concrete runway of the airfield was built in 1953 on the basis of the plan for the formation of a new air defense system of the USSR to accommodate air defense fighter units.[4] From October 1953, 265th Fighter Aviation Regiment 336th Fighter Aviation Division moved to the airfield from the Rumbula airfield MiG-15.[citation needed] In 1954, the regiment was reequipped on aircraft MiG-17.

Since May 1955, after the fulfillment of a government assignment in China, 348th Fighter Aviation Regiment was redeployed to the airfield with support units. In 1956, a separate reconnaissance aviation squadron on MiG-17 aircraft was redeployed from under Chita. In 1965, the regiment was reequipped for new modifications of the MiG-17PF, equipped with radar sights. In 1969, the regiment was the first in 10th Air Defense OA] began to retrain to a supersonic fighter Su-15, which flew before its disbandment in 1994.[citation needed]

In the period from September 1, 1953 and to July 1, 1960, the headquarters of the 336th Fighter Aviation Division was located at the airfield.


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