Poems for the Hazara

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Poems for the Hazara: A Multilingual Poetry Anthology and Collaborative Poem
Poems for the Hazara, A Multilingual Poetry Anthology and Collaborative Poem by 125 Poets from 68 Countries.jpg
EditorKamran Mir Hazar
Author125 Poets from 68 Countries
CountryUnited States
SubjectHazara people
PublisherFull Page Publishing
Publication date
Media typePrint (hardback) & (Paperback)
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Poems for the Hazara (ISBN 978-0983770824)(ISBN 978-0983770862) is a multilingual poetry anthology and a collaborative poem composed of the works of one hundred twenty five internationally recognized poets from sixty-eight countries. Poems in this book are in English, Spanish, Catalan, Japanese, Norwegian, Turkish, Hazaragi, Italian, Greek, German, Irish, Hebrew, Romanian, French, Armenian, Hungarian and Portuguese.[1][2][3][4][5] All non-English poems have been translated into English. "Poems for the Hazara" includes the poetry anthology and a collaborative poem (Collaborative poetry) featuring contributions from 23 international poets. An open letter from 354 celebrated poets including Nobel, Pulitzer, continental and national literary prize winners as well as presidents of PEN clubs, and writers associations from 97 countries is included at the end.[6] This letter is addressed to world leaders in support of the Hazara people. The executive editor is Hazara poet, journalist and human rights activist, Kamran Mir Hazar.[7][8]



Photograph of Buddha in Bamiyan, courtesy of Najibullah Mosafer. Kamran Mir Hazar proposed the flag of Hazaristan.[9]

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Poems for the Hazara was recently discussed on episode 035 of the podcast The Wikicast.


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