Poetics (album)

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Panda poetics.jpg
Studio album by Panda
Released September 22, 2009
Recorded February 2009-April 2009
Genre Pop rock
Alternative rock
Label Movic, EMI
Producer Adrián "Rojo" Treviño
Panda chronology
Sinfonía Soledad
(2005)Sinfonía Soledad2005

Poetics is the sixth studio album by the Mexican alternative rock band Panda, following Sinfonía Soledad and preceding Bonanza.


After three years of absence and two after the release of Sinfonía Soledad, the band decided to start producing new songs, but in a very different way. According to frontman Jose "Pepe" Madero, each member of the band was in a different part of the world, but they each recorded their own piece of music and sent it each one to another through the internet. Later, in early February, the band reunited on the studio El Cielo, in Monterrey, Nuevo León. Once there, they used not only their usual instruments, but also some that have never been used before. The album was completed between March and April 2009.

Promotion and tour[edit]

After completing the album, the band went on a mini-tour in April in Mexico and played three songs from the album: "Sólo A Terceros", "Abigaíl" and "Amnistía". Later, the band stopped the tour. They had signings throughout Latin America and in the United States as well, reaching cities like Los Angeles, Ca.


It was expected to be released sometime between April or May, but the band had announced that the album would be released on July 17. Near the release date, the band postponed the release to August 22, and then to September 22, which angered the fans. According to the band, it was not their decision, but their managers' and producers'.


Their first single was "Sólo A Terceros" and was released on radio stations on July 22, and the official music video was released on July 27, on the Mexican TV show Los 10+ Pedidos.

Track listing[edit]


No. Title Length
1. "Popurrí Para Ti (Potpourri for you)" 3:17
2. "Fascinante (Fascinating)" 4:31
3. "Conversación Casual (Casual Conversation)" 3:47
4. "El Cuello Perfecto (The Perfect Neck)" 3:39
5. "Espíritu Pionero (Pioneer Spirit)" 2:41
6. "Solo a Terceros (Only to third parties)" 4:32
7. "Abigail (Abigail)" 4:16
8. "Casi Nula Autoestima (Almost Null Self Esteem)" 3:43
9. "Del Rapto y Otros Pormenores (The Rapture and Other Details)" 2:47
10. "Nuestra Aflicción (Our Affliction)" 5:06
Total length: 36:19


No. Title Length
1. "Que Tu Cama Sea Mi Hogar (That your bed be my home)" 3:16
2. "Adheridos Separados (Adhered Separated)" 3:20
3. "Martirio de Otro (Martyrdom of Another)" 3:21
4. "¡Soy un Ganador! (I'm a winner!)" 3:05
5. "Lascivamente (Wantonly)" 3:28
6. "Un Tipo de Indulgencia (A Type of Indulgence)" 3:51
7. "Amnistía (Amnesty)" 2:00
8. "Agradable Locura Temporal (Pleasant Temporary Madness)" 3:39
9. "Espejismos y Visiones (Mirages and Visions)" 3:15
10. "Quinta Real (Fifth real)" 3:58
Total length: 31:53


  • Jose Madero - Vocals / Guitars
  • Arturo Arredondo - Lead Guitars
  • Ricardo Treviño - Bass
  • Jorge Vazquez - Drums
  • Marcelo Treviño - Keyboards / Co-Producer
  • Adrián Treviño - Producer
  • Francisco Lobo - Producer
  • Hermanos Caballero - Percussions, Instruments on "Popurri Para Ti"
  • Alfonso Herrera - Backing Vocals on "Casi Nula Autoestima"