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Quarters of Naples - Poggioreale is number 26
The Centro Direzionale (Civic Center) in Naples.

Poggioreale is a neighbourhood of Naples, southern Italy. It is at the extreme east end of the city and includes the areas of the central train station, the vast new Civic Center, the adjacent Poggioreale prison, and the industrial section to the east.


Originally built upon the ruins of Alfonso II's Villa Poggio Reale, the area was heavily bombed in World War II and certain part of the area still show the scars of bombing. The presence of the new Civic Center is an attempt to rehabilitate the area from its generally decayed appearance.


Poggioreale is situated in eastern suburb of the city. It forms, with Zona Industriale, San Lorenzo and Vicaria, the Fourth Municipality of Naples.

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Coordinates: 40°52′07″N 14°18′05″E / 40.86861°N 14.30139°E / 40.86861; 14.30139