Pohjois-Haaga railway station

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Norra Haga
VR station
Pohjois-Haaga Train Station Northbound.JPG
Location Hopeatie 2, 00440 Helsinki
Coordinates 60°13′49″N 24°53′00″E / 60.23028°N 24.88333°E / 60.23028; 24.88333Coordinates: 60°13′49″N 24°53′00″E / 60.23028°N 24.88333°E / 60.23028; 24.88333
Owned by Finnish Transport Agency
Platforms 2 side platforms
Tracks 2
  Helsinki buses 31, 32, 40
Structure type Elevated station
Disabled access 4
Opened 1975
Passengers 5,300 daily
Preceding station   Helsinki commuter rail   Following station

Pohjois-Haaga railway station (Finnish: Pohjois-Haagan rautatieasema, Swedish: Norra Haga järnvägsstation) is a railway station on the Helsinki commuter rail network located in northern Helsinki, Finland. It is located about eight kilometres to the north/northwest of Helsinki Central railway station.

The Pohjois-Haaga station is located in the district of Lassila, between the stations of Huopalahti and Kannelmäki. It is the first station after the split between the Vantaankoski track and the rantarata track towards Turku.

Near the station, from underneath the track on the bridge, is a light traffic route, which can be used to follow the train tracks all the way to the city centre. On the other hand, the tracks cannot be followed to the north towards Kannelmäki, because after Pohjois-Haaga, the tracks continue on a narrow bridge. Sometimes, pedestrians use the bridge anyway to get to the other side of Kehä I. This has caused dangerous situations.

The Helsinki City Transport takes responsibility of the station.[citation needed]

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