Pohjolan Sanomat

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Pohjolan Sanomat
Type Newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Alma Media
Publisher Kaleva
Editor Maria Jauho
Founded 1915; 102 years ago (1915)
Language Finnish
Headquarters Kemi, Finland
Circulation 16,442 (2013)
Website Official site

Pohjolan Sanomat is a broadsheet newspaper published in Kemi, Finland.

History and profile[edit]

Pohjolan Sanomat was established in 1915.[1][2] The owner of the paper is Alma Media[3] and the paper is based in Kemi.[4] In June 2013 Kaleva publishing house began to publish the daily together with the group's other newspaper Lapin Kansa.[3]

Pohjolan Sanomat has a formal affiliation with the Centre Party.[5]

Maria Jauho was appointed senior editor-in-chief of the daily on 1 July 2014, replacing Heikki Lääkkölä in the post which he had held since 1996.[6]

In January 2011 Pohjolan Sanomat changed its format from broadsheet to tabloid.[7] The paper was published for seven days per week, but it became a five-day newspaper in 2014.[8] However, its online edition is updated daily.[8]

In 2002 the circulation of the paper was 23,483 copies.[1] As of 2008 it had a circulation of 21,746 copies. The circulation of the paper was 16,442 copies in 2013.[9]

Pohjolan Sanomat offices in Kemi (2016)


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