Poil de carotte

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Poil de carotte
Author Jules Renard
Original title Poil de carotte
Country  France
Language French
Genre autobiographical novel
Publisher Flammarion
Publication date
Pages 185

Poil de carotte (Carrot Head) is a long short story or autobiographical novel by Jules Renard published in 1894, which recounts the childhood and the trials of a redheaded child. It is probably in this miserable childhood story where one should look for the origins of Renard's skepticism and irony, his skill in using litotes, his dense and precise style, and his harsh method of observation. The story unfolds in a series of short sketches.


The story of "Poil de carotte" is that of an unloved redheaded child, the victim of a cruel family. François Lepic, nicknamed Poil de carotte, grows up with a mother who hates him and a father who is indifferent to him. The reader follows the journey of this young boy, the relationships with his parents, with the world around him and with nature. Poil de carotte uses cunning to battle the daily humiliations he experiences and to stand up to the adult world. So, tragedy notwithstanding, the reader enjoys delightful, amusing, comical, and moving adventures.



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