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Point of Rental Software
Industry Computer software
Founded Grand Prairie, TX (1983)
Headquarters Grand Prairie, TX, United States
Area served
Key people
Wayne Harris, CEO
Services Training
Website point-of-rental.com

Point of Rental Software, Inc. is a US company that was founded in 1983 by former NASA software engineers who opened a rental store in Texas.

Headquartered in Grand Prairie, TX, with offices in Melbourne, Australia and Reading, United Kingdom, Point of Rental Software develops and sells Microsoft Windows server-based, cloud-based and customizable rental management software to approximately 5,000 businesses worldwide in the equipment rental, party rental, inventory management and specialty rental industries. The company has been listed by Inc. 5000 as one of America's fastest private growing companies three times, in 2014, 2016 and 2017.[1]

The company is an Associate Member of the American Rental Association (ARA), an international trade association for the equipment rental industry, as well as the Texas Rental Association, the California Rental Association, and the Canadian Rental Association.[2]

The current President and CEO is Wayne Harris.


When Point of Rental's three original founders started their rental store in 1982, they tried the rental software available at the time and found that none of them seemed to be designed by people who ran rental stores. They put their skills together and produced their first software in 1983. By 1984, they felt they'd created a product that would benefit others in the rental industry and began to sell their software, using the name Point-of-Rental Systems.

Gradually, as salesman Steve Husbands traveled throughout the United States, other rental stores signed on with Point of Rental. Early maps of Point of Rental's customer base provided evidence of his travels - pins were found along his routes.

A few years later, Husbands traveled through Ada, Oklahoma, and sold a system to the Harris family - the sale would prove to be more valuable than most as the Harris's son, Wayne, went on to program Rental Enterprise and eventually became the company's President and CEO.


Point of Rental has won numerous industry awards, bolstering its claim as the most innovative rental software company. Below are the company's known awards (Rental Expert feature and category winner unless otherwise listed):

Rental Equipment Register's Innovative Product Award[edit]

  • Computer Software: 2008[3] (Dispatch Center Module), 2010[4] (Wireless Alerts), 2011[5] (Dispatch Center's GPS Integration), 2015[6] (Contract Fulfillment), 2016[7] (Rental Elite), 2017[8] (Inspection App)
  • Technology Enhancements: 2011[5] (Mobile Website Hosting), 2014[9] (AEMP Telemetric Integration)
  • Overall: 2014[10] (GOLD, Rental Essentials), 2015[6] (SILVER, Contract Fulfillment), 2017[8] (BRONZE, Inspection App)

Cloud Innovation World Cup[edit]

  • 2015 Finalist (Rental Essentials)

The Cloud/SaaS Awards[edit]

  • Best SaaS in the U.S.: 2015 Finalist[11] (Rental Essentials)
  • B2B Customer Excellence: 2016 Finalist[12] (Web Storefront)
  • Best Product for Productivity: 2017 Finalist [13] (Kiosk)

Hire Awards of Excellence[edit]

  • Event Industry Product of the Year: 2017 Shortlisted[14] (Rental Expert)

Rental Staging Systems Award[edit]

  • Best Rental Management Software: 2016[15] (Rental Expert)

Access, Lift, & Handlers Award[edit]

  • Rental Technology: 2014[16] (Mobile Workforce)
  • Access Rental Innovation: 2017[17] (Inspection App)


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