Point Blank (Nailbomb album)

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Point Blank
Point Blank (Nailbomb album) coverart.jpg
Studio album by Nailbomb
Released March 8, 1994
Recorded 1993
Genre Industrial metal, thrash metal
Length 62:38
76:19 (2004 Remaster)
Label Roadrunner
Producer Alex Newport, Max Cavalera
Nailbomb chronology
Point Blank
Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide
(1995)Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide1995
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

Point Blank is the only studio album by heavy metal band Nailbomb, released on March 8, 1994 by Roadrunner Records. The side project Nailbomb was started by Max Cavalera and Alex Newport in the mid-1990s. The first track "Wasting Away" appears in the 1995 film To Die For. The album cover is a female Vietcong member with a U.S. soldier's gun to her head. The album is set to be played live in its entirety for the first time ever, later in 2017 by Max Cavalera performing under his band Soulfly, more than 20 years after the release of the album and the band's break up. However, Alex Newport will not be part of these performances.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Cavalera and Newport unless noted.

No. Title Length
1. "Wasting Away" 3:06
2. "Vai Toma no Cú" 4:47
3. "24 Hour Bullshit" 3:54
4. "Guerrillas" 4:26
5. "Blind and Lost" 1:54
6. "Sum of Your Achievements" 2:42
7. "Cockroaches" 5:10
8. "For Fuck's Sake" 5:44
9. "World of Shit" 4:13
10. "Exploitation" (Tony Dickens, Pete Nash, Jon Pickering, Brian Talbot) 2:28
11. "Religious Cancer" 5:09
12. "Shit Piñata" 1:09
13. "Sick Life" (includes untitled hidden track from 16:37) 17:51
Total length: 62:38

"Exploitation" is a cover originally by the English crust punk band Doom.

Bonus track version[edit]

Remaster version was released on February 24, 2004 with liner notes and extra tracks:

No. Title Length
14. "While You Sleep, I Destroy Your World" 5:06
15. "Zero Tolerance" 6:34
16. "Wasting Away [Live]" 3:03
17. "Guerillas [Live]" 3:27
18. "Cockroaches [Live]" 4:06
19. "Police Truck [Live]" (East Bay Ray, Jello Biafra) 3:08
Total length: 76:19



  • Max Cavalera: vocals, guitars, bass, sampling[2] (vocals credited as "insults")
  • Alex Newport: vocals, guitars, bass, sampling (vocals credited as "mouthful of hate")

Additional Personnel[edit]


  • Produced by Alex Newport and Max Cavalera
  • Recorded by Otto Agnello
  • Mixed by Alex Newport