College Clean Restoration Curling Classic

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College Clean Restoration Curling Classic is located in Canada
Nutana CC
Nutana CC
Location in Canada

The College Clean Restoration Curling Classic is an annual bonspiel on the World Curling Tour. It has been in existence since at least the 1970s. Former names include Point Optical Curling Classic, Point Optical Charity Curling Classic, Point Optical Charity Classic, Pointoptical Curling Classic, Molson Saskatoon Classic, Parktown Mens Curling Classic, Delta Bessborough Sasktel Curling Classic, Delta Bessborough Sasktel Classic and the Labatt's Classic. It is held annually in late September at the Nutana Curling Club in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, but used to be held in late November/early December.

The event has been held annually since 1976.[1] Bernie Sparkes won the first ever event. Other winners have included Paul Gowsell, Rick Folk (1982) and Eugene Hritzuk (1989).[2]

Past champions (since 1992)[edit]

Only skips listed

Year Winning skip Runner-up skip Purse (CAD)
1992 Ontario Al Hackner
1993 Alberta Mickey Pendergast
1994[3] Saskatchewan Murray McEachern Ontario Russ Howard $50,000
1995 Saskatchewan Brad Heidt Saskatchewan Greg Anholt
1996[4] Ontario Wayne Middaugh Alberta Brad Hannah
1997[5] Saskatchewan Doug Harcourt Saskatchewan Art Paulsen $60,000
1998[6] Saskatchewan Doug Harcourt Manitoba Jeff Stoughton
1999[7] Saskatchewan Glen Despins Manitoba Mark Olson
2000[8] Alberta Kevin Park British Columbia Greg McAulay
2001[9] Saskatchewan Bruce Korte Alberta Warren Hassall $49,000
2002[10] Alberta Kevin Koe Saskatchewan Glen Despins $55,000
2003[11] Saskatchewan Scott Coghlan Alberta Jamie King
2004[12] Alberta Randy Ferbey Saskatchewan Pat Simmons $50,000
2005[13] Saskatchewan Glen Despins British Columbia Bob Ursel $50,000
2006[14] Saskatchewan Brian Humble Quebec Robert Desjardins $60,000
2007 Saskatchewan Randy Woytowich Saskatchewan Darrell McKee $60,000
2008[15] Saskatchewan Eugene Hritzuk Saskatchewan Joel Jordison $60,000
2009[16] Saskatchewan Brad Heidt Saskatchewan Pat Simmons $60,000
2010[17] Manitoba Dave Elias Saskatchewan Randy Bryden $60,000
2011[18] Manitoba Mike McEwen Alberta Kevin Martin $60,000
2012[19] Ontario John Epping Alberta Kevin Koe $50,000
2013[20] Manitoba Jeff Stoughton Alberta Kevin Martin1 $50,000
2014[21] Manitoba Mike McEwen Ontario John Epping $41,000
2015[22] Manitoba Mike McEwen Manitoba Reid Carruthers $41,000
2016[23] Ontario Brad Jacobs Norway Thomas Ulsrud $50,000
  1. ^ Jeff Sharp spared for Martin's team in the final because Martin had injured his back.