Traverse Mountains

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Traverse Mountains
A satellite image of the Salt Lake City area showing the Transverse Mountains
Traverse Mtns, SLC and Utah Lake-(6-mi south)
(Note: N-S, white line is Interstate 15-SLC)
Highest point
Elevation5,410 feet (1,650 m)
Coordinates40°28′19″N 111°52′59″W / 40.47189°N 111.88299°W / 40.47189; -111.88299Coordinates: 40°28′19″N 111°52′59″W / 40.47189°N 111.88299°W / 40.47189; -111.88299
A map of Utah showing the location of the Transverse Mountains
A map of Utah showing the location of the Transverse Mountains
Traverse Mountains
Location of the Traverse Mountains within the State of Utah
CountryUnited States

The Traverse Mountains, or sometimes Traverse Range, are an anomalous, geologically complex, east-trending range that separates Salt Lake Valley and Utah Valley in the U.S. State of Utah.[1] Point of the Mountain is colloquially used to refer to the part of this range that separates the Salt Lake City and Provo metropolitan areas, as well as the mountain pass at 40°27′13″N 111°54′38″W / 40.45361°N 111.91056°W / 40.45361; -111.91056,[2] used by the highways and rail arteries that connect the two cities.

Looking north-northeast from the top of Lake Mountains, May 2009. Oquirrh Mountains at photo-left, Traverse Mountains at photo-right. Salt Lake City & Wasatch Range on horizon
Northeast half of Traverse Mountains showing Hog Hollow and Fort Canyon, (Lone Mountain massif northeasterly; Photo North is rotated 45 Degrees, left; ISS photo; September 2005


The Traverse Mountains mark the boundary between the Salt Lake and Provo segments of the Wasatch Fault, and they are themselves much faulted and locally involved in landslides. Lake Bonneville once covered Salt Lake and Utah Valleys and shorelines and deposits from the ice age lake are now etched into the flanks of the Traverse Mountains.

The eastern section of the range (often called Traverse Mountain), is split up between the cities of Lehi and Draper. The Draper portion contains the Suncrest community, while the Lehi portion contains the Traverse Mountain community. Between the two communities, the Flight Park State Recreation Area (state park) sit atop the range. The western section of the range is part of the Camp Williams National Guard Training Site.

Two locations on the far west end of the eastern section of the range are Point of the Mountain and Steep Mountain, 6,160 feet (1,878 m),[3] and are used for paragliding and hang gliding.[citation needed]

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