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The Pointe à la Hache Ferry, or Pointe a la Hache Ferry, is a ferry across the Mississippi River in the U.S. state of Louisiana, connecting West Pointe à la Hache and Pointe à la Hache in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana.

Ferry landing

Ferry service began at this site in June 1933. Although the ferry originally carried a toll, today, it is free.[1]

It is the last vehicle crossing of the river in the down river direction. The East Bank side of the ferry is near the end of paved roadway; on the West Bank the river road continues down to Venice, Louisiana. As the eastbank of Plaquemines Parish has little population in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, ferry service to the eastbank occurs at the top of every hour between 6 AM and 10 PM, as well as at 6:30 AM. Likewise, ferry service to the westbank occurs at 6:15 AM, 6:45 AM, and on the bottom of every hour between 7:30 AM and 10:30 PM.[2]

On 9 January 2013 the ferry was closed indefinitely.[3] In May 2013 it was reopened for light traffic (including passenger cars and pickup-trucks, but not for large trucks or buses).[4] The long-term future of the ferry is still to be determined.

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