Pointe aux Cannon Battery

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Pointe aux Canons Battery
Saint Pierre Island, Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Cannons that Defended the Harbour Against The English.JPG
Cannons that defended the harbour against the English
Coordinates 46°46′31″N 56°10′06″W / 46.775163566°N 56.16833266°W / 46.775163566; -56.16833266
Type Fort
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The Pointe aux Canons Battery was a fort on the island of Saint Pierre in Saint Pierre and Miquelon built by the French to defend the islands from British attacks in 1690-1713. The 6 cannon battery was destroyed by the British in 1702.[1]

The old cannon battery was replaced in the 19th century to defend the islands during the Crimean War.[2] The Pointe aux Canons Lighthouse is located near the old fort site.

Four cannons now sit in a park near the site of the old fort, but traces of fort have disappeared with the development of the town.


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Coordinates: 46°46′51″N 56°10′10″W / 46.78083°N 56.16944°W / 46.78083; -56.16944