Pointe de Cornouaille

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La pointe de Cornouaille is a cape to the north of the hamlet of Kerviniou in France. They are both situated on the Roscanvel peninsula and, facing as it does the Fort du Mengant, a battery on the point forms part of the defences of the goulet de Brest. Known defences on the site include:[1]

  • Lower battery (1694) - built to plans by Vauban
  • Tour modèle n°1 (1813) - see Tour-modèle type 1811
  • Batterie de rupture sous roc (1888)
  • Batterie du plateau (1897)
  • Batterie de DCA allemande (1943, German)
  • Torpedo-boat battery (German)


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Coordinates: 48°19′49″N 4°34′16″W / 48.33028°N 4.57111°W / 48.33028; -4.57111