Pointe de Ronce

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Pointe de Ronce
Pointe de Ronce.jpg
Highest point
Elevation 3,612 m (11,850 ft)
Listing Alpine mountains above 3000 m
Coordinates 45°15′53″N 06°58′42″E / 45.26472°N 6.97833°E / 45.26472; 6.97833Coordinates: 45°15′53″N 06°58′42″E / 45.26472°N 6.97833°E / 45.26472; 6.97833
Pointe de Ronce is located in France
Pointe de Ronce
Pointe de Ronce
Location Savoie, France
Parent range Graian Alps

Pointe de Ronce is a mountain of Savoie, France. It lies in the Mont Cenis range. It has an elevation of 3,612 metres above sea level.


It is located near the Mont Cenis Pass and overlooks the village of Lanslebourg in the Haute Maurienne. Wide is the amphitheater, called Plan des Cavale, which opens on the west side towards the Lake of Mont Cenis.

From the mountain a long ridge going from Pointe de Lamet comes to Rocciamelone.

At the foot of the mountain slopes in the more exposed north recline de l'Arcelle Neuve glacier and the glacier Vieux.

Given the height of the mountain and the special isolation from the summit you can enjoy a wide view on the surrounding mountains.

Climb to the summit[edit]

The access to the summit generally begins from Lake of Mont Cenis. Arrived in Plan des Fontainettes (2,090 m) starting at the characteristic pyramid-shaped church, you walk on foot climbing to Fort de Ronce. Near the stronger we will start heading north and a long path that goes with large coils will reach the Col du Lou (3,042 m). From the pass follow the ridge eastwards overcoming various ridges, the largest of which is made from Signal du Grand Mont Cenis (3,377 m). Finally we come to the summit ridge to the west.

Downhill you can retrace the ascent route or you can go down the southeastern slope of the mountain, through the Pointe Lamet, return to the lake of Mont Cenis itinerary of descent of the latter.

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