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Point or points may refer to:


  • Promontory, a raised mass of land that projects into a lowland or a body of water
  • Point, Lewis, a peninsula in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland
  • Point, Texas, a city in Rains County, Texas, United States
  • Point, the NE tip and a ferry terminal of Lismore, Inner Hebrides, Scotland
  • Points, West Virginia, an unincorporated community in the United States

Business and finance[edit]

  • Point (mortgage), a percentage sometimes referred to as a form of pre-paid interest used to reduce interest rates in a mortgage loan
  • Basis point, 1/100 of one percent, denoted bp, bps, and
  • Percentage points, used to measure a change in percentage absolutely
  • Pivot point (technical analysis), a price level of significance in analysis of a financial market that is used as a predictive indicator of market movement
  • Royalty points, a way of sharing profit between companies and unit holders
  • Vigorish point, the commission charged on a gambling bet or loanshark's loan


Measurement units[edit]

  • Point (gemstone), 2 milligrams, or one hundredth of a carat
  • Point (typography), a measurement used in printing, the meaning of which has changed over time
  • Point, in hunting, the number of antler tips on the hunted animal (e.g. 9 point buck)
  • Point, for describing paper-stock thickness, a synonym of mil and thou (one thousandth of an inch)
  • Point, a hundredth of an inch or 0.254 mm, a unit of measurement formerly used for rainfall in Australia
  • Points of the compass, one of the 32 directions on a traditional compass, equal to one eighth of a right angle (11.25 degrees)
  • Paris point, 2/3 cm, used for shoe sizes



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