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Pointstream Software is a software application used to capture, edit, and visualize densely sampled cloud point datasets derived from 3D scanners. Developed by Arius3D, located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, the software uses a pixel as its basic primitive form.

Traditionally, a cloud point dataset captured using 3D scanning technology is converted into a very inefficient file format called polygons. The polygon format is a standard format used by computer graphic artists to create 3D models, and is very difficult to use and edit.

The Pointstream compression and visualization toolset allows for the creation of web based 3D model, interactive content, high resolution 2D print images using cloud point data directly captured from 3D scanners. Data processed using the Pointstream software can be visualized on different resolution devices from high resolution computer screens, to hand held portable devices.

Pointstream's main application field is virtual cinematography.

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