Poisk (computer)

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PK POISK prototype.jpg
ManufacturerKPO Electronmash
Release date1989; 33 years ago (1989)
CPUK1810VM88 microprocessor, a clone of the Intel 8088

Poisk (Russian: Поиск, "The Search") is an IBM-compatible computer built by KPO Electronmash in Kyiv, Ukrainian SSR during the Soviet era. It is based on the K1810VM88 microprocessor, a clone of the Intel 8088.[1] Developed since 1987 and released in 1989, it was the most common IBM-compatible computer in the Soviet Union.[2]

The basic version did not include an expansion module for parallel or serial ports for connecting a printer, mouse or other devices.[2] It was not fully IBM compatible, and its performance lagged behind the IBM XT.[2] Poisk entered mass production in 1991, just before the Soviet collapse, and production output in the early 1990s reached several tens of thousands units a year.[2]


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