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Pokémon The Park 2005

Pokémon The Park 2005 or PokéPark (ポケパーク, PokePāku) was a traveling Japanese theme park based on the Pokémon franchise. It has existed in two locations previously, both currently closed. It was in Japan in 2005, and in Taiwan in 2006. The theme park featured twelve Pokémon-themed attractions, and was open between March 18, 2005, and September 25, 2005, in Japan, and from June 23, 2006, to September 24, 2006, in Taiwan.

  • Dancing Pokémon Mini-tour
  • Lugia's Spinning
  • Mew's Capture
  • Battle Coaster Torn Sky
  • Pokémon Merry-go-round
  • Pokémon Starry Sky Trip
  • Pikachu's Forest
  • Team Aqua vs Team Magma Crash Car
  • Pichu Bros.' Rascal Railway
  • Pokémon Exciting Safari
  • Pokémon Floating Kids
  • Pokémon Daisuki Club Stage
  • Pokémon Night Club
  • Pokémon 3D Adventure
  • Walkthrough Adventure
  • Safari Zone

There were two Rocket Pokémon Shops located throughout the park. These shops had accessories for Pokémon fans and items such as Pokémon headgear, T-shirts, postcards, and official PokéPark souvenirs. It has now shut down because of limited assets.

Promotional items given away[edit]

Among other exclusive items, like hats, plush toys, and downloadable mini-games, these prizes were given away: