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Pokajnica Monastery in Velika Plana, Serbia

Pokajnica Monastery (Serbian: Манастир Покајница, Manastir Pokajnica, English: Repentance Monastery) is a monastery complex in Velika Plana, Serbia.


Wooden church dedicated to the transfer of the relics of St. Nicholas near Velika Plana, a cultural monument of great importance, build in 1818 by Knez of Smederevo Nahiya, Vujica Vulićević. This is attested by the name of the patron and the years carved in wood on the icon of St. George exhibited to the left of the entrance to the church. The monastery's location in the vicinity of the place where Vujica Vulićević participated in the murder of his father's godson Karađorđe is construed as an act of repentance, after which the temple was named (cf. Serbian "pokajanje/покајање" = "repentance").

It served as a parish church until 1954, when it was turned into a monastery. The original iconostasis was painted by Constantine Zograf who worked in Serbia in the second and third decade of the 19th century. In the churchyard there is a wooden bell tower as well as living quarters, probably from the time of construction of the church, with wooden bars on the windows. Conservation work on the church were carried out in 1951, and on the iconostasis in 1987/88.

In 1979 the Republic of Serbia declared Pokajnica a Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance, and as such it is protected by law.

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Regional Chamber of Požarevac, prepared by Dr. Radmila Novaković Kostić, 2005.

Coordinates: 44°18′37″N 21°03′23″E / 44.310380°N 21.056367°E / 44.310380; 21.056367