Pokhara Rangasala

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Pokhara Rangasala
Pokhararangasala .jpg
Location Pokhara, Nepal
Owner N/A
Capacity 5,000
Surface Grass
Broke ground n/a
Opened n/a
Nepal national football team

Pokhara Rangasala refers to the Pokhara football stadium and its surrounding. The word 'Rangasala' refers to the ground for exhibition and fair.

The Pokhara Rangasala boasts to be Nepal's biggest athletics and sports venue in terms of space occupied (More than 400 ropanies of land). The venue is located to the south of Pokhara city at Rambazaar in the eastern bank of Seti river.[1]

The facility comprises a football stadium surrounded by athletics track of 400m, one 7-A side football ground,[2] a volleyball court, a basketball court, cricket ground(proposed international ground) and covered hall for games like badminton, karate and other indoor sports. The administrative building of Kaski district sport office and ANFA Kaski lies here.

Sport Utility[edit]

The Pokhara Rangasala serves as the regional sports venue for Western Development Region of Nepal. The football stadium consists of two stands towards west (premium seats, VIP seats and players box) and east (concrete seats) and open parafit towards south and north and is capable of holding 5.000 spectators at once.

But there are no facilities of seats. It's only venue in Nepal beside Dasarath Rangasala Stadium to hold international football matches. The stadium has hosted four international friendlies between Nepal VS Pakistan[3] and Nepal VS Bhutan.[4][5]

The stadium also hosts the yearly Aaha Gold Cup tournament and also the district football league (Balram Memorial Kaski District League)[6] of the affiliated clubs to Kaski district ANFA. The other facilities near the stadium are used to host volleyball, basketball, cricket, wrestling,[7][8] boxing and badminton. The yearly sports meet of PABSON and NPABSON is also held in same venue. The venue is also utilized for concerts and large gathering.

Some Facts[edit]

The bank of Seti river is very fragile leading to creation of deep holes and ridges. Many people get stuck in it causing injuries and fatalities. The stadium has not got the facility of flood lights.

There is also lacks of proper dugouts and changing room facilities. There are not enough toilets for the fans and nor there is proper fencing.

The pitch is sometimes criticized for its poor performance. But the situation is getting better due to the active participation of local people and organization.


Coordinates: 28°12′16″N 83°59′30″E / 28.20444°N 83.99167°E / 28.20444; 83.99167