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Forest on the Pokljuka Plateau near the biathlon center

The Pokljuka Plateau (pronounced [pɔˈkljuːka]) is a forested karst plateau at an elevation of around 1,100 to 1,400 metres (3,600 to 4,600 ft),[1] located in the Julian Alps in northwestern Slovenia. It is part of Triglav National Park. Administratively, it belongs to the municipalities of Bled, Bohinj, and Gorje. The plateau is known for its winter sports facilities, among which are the yearly Biathlon World Cup meets held at the Pokljuka Biathlon Center, 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) west of the village of Bled (25 kilometres or 16 miles by car). Many beech and fir trees were chopped down in the 18th century for the iron foundries in Bohinj. They have been naturally replaced mostly by spruce trees. Some swamps can also be found, which is not usual on such high plateaus.

Pokljuka is also a common starting point for mountain hikers.

Biathlon World Cup on Pokljuka


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