Pokrovsky Boulevard

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Покровский бульвар (Pokrovsky Boulevard), Москва 02.jpg
Покровский бульвар (Pokrovsky Boulevard) Москва 02.JPG
Покровский бульвар (Pokrovsky Boulevard), Москва 03.jpg

Pokrovsky Boulevard (Russian: Покровский Бульвар) is a major boulevard in the central part of Moscow running from Clean Ponds to Vorontsovo Pole Street, including Yauzsky Boulevard.

With other boulevards like; Tverskoy Boulevard and Chistoprudny Boulevard, this is a part of the Boulevard Ring, running as a circle through the central Moscow.

Coordinates: 55°45′18″N 37°38′54″E / 55.75500°N 37.64833°E / 55.75500; 37.64833