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Pol may refer to :


  • Pol State, a former princely state in Gujarat, western India; originally Vijaynagar State after its first capital
  • Pol, Lugo, a municipality in Spain
  • River Pol, a small river in Cornwall, England



Given name[edit]

  • Pól, an Irish and Faroese given name, and a list of people so named
  • Pol (given name), usually a form of Paul or Polydore, with a list of people so named
  • Pol Pot (1925–1998), Cambodian revolutionary and Communist dictator


Fictional characters[edit]

  • Pol (character), in Melanie Rawn's Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies
  • Pol Manning, an identity assumed by the comic book hero Green Lantern

Science and technology[edit]

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