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Pol Manning was an identity assumed by the fictional comic book superhero Hal Jordan, otherwise known as Green Lantern. Jordan first assumed the name in Green Lantern (2nd series) #8 (September–October 1961), in the story "The Challenge From 5700 A.D.!" It was written by John Broome, with pencils by Gil Kane and inks by Joe Giella.

Fictional character biography[edit]

In the late-58th century, the various planets of Earth’s solar system had banded together and formed the Solar Council. When their citizens were threatened by a disaster too great for them to handle, the Solar Council's secretary Iona Vane decided to bring the greatest Green Lantern in history, Hal Jordan, to their time. An unfortunate side effect of the time travel completely erased Jordan's memory. Vane created the fictitious "Pol Manning" persona and recorded it into Jordan's mind; she even cast herself as his romantic interest. For years, Jordan lived a double life in the 20th and 58th centuries until his mysterious memory lapses caused him to uncover the Solar Council's deception. He returned to the 58th century under his own power, where he discovered that his power ring had accidentally created an evil clone. After Hal defeated his evil doppelgänger, the clone was implanted with the Pol Manning identity and sent to explore the furthest reaches of the universe.[1]

With Jordan returned to the 20th century, Vane went insane from loneliness until she was reunited with her love Pol Manning. Now facing a threat from sentient "monks", the Solar Council once again tried to bring Green Lantern to the 58th century. Unfortunately, Hal Jordan was off Earth at the time, and the scoop brought forward the extraterrestrial Green Lantern named Salakk.[2] With no other choice left, the Council implanted the Manning persona in Salakk (and altered Vane's mind to believe Salaak was human). Fellow Green Lantern Ch'p tracked Salaak to the future and restored his memory. Initially enraged with Vane, Salaak realized she was as much a victim as he, and decided to remain in the 58th century.

Sometime after that, Salaak discovered the ruins of Oa and returned to the 20th century to discover the cause. Last seen being consumed by entropy during Zero Hour, the current status of the Solar Council and the 58th century is unknown.


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