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Polanco Lift/Elevator (Ascensor Polanco)
Lift (Ascensor)
Ascensor Polanco.jpg
An image of the Polanco Lift tower.
Official name: Ascensor Polanco
Country Chile
Region Valparaíso
Subregion Valparaíso Province
Municipality Valparaíso
Location Cerro Polanco
Height 60 m (197 ft)
Engineer Federico Page
Materials Iron, Wood, Glass, Cement
Origin c. 1913
 - Initiated c. 1913
 - Completion c. 1915
For public Public
Visitation Open (Monday to Sunday)
Easiest access Simpson Street
Status National Monument
Listing 1976
Wikimedia Commons: Ascensor Polanco

The Polanco Lift is a passenger elevator located in Valparaíso, Chile. It consists of three stations and connects Simpson Street with Polanco Hill. This lift is the only "true" elevator in the city, as all others are technically funiculars. Today it is more visited by tourists than by the local residents.


Construction began in 1913 and concluded in 1915. Inaugurated in 1916, the lift was developed by engineer Federico Page with the assistance of the Easton Lift Company. It was declared a National Monument of Chile in 1976.[1]


The lift is located on Polanco Hill. The lower entrance is on Simpson Street. The first station is accessible through a 150-meter (492 ft) tunnel. The lift then ascends to an intermediate station and continues its ascent to the final station at the top of the tower (approximately 60 meters or 197 feet), overlooking the entire city. A bridge connects the top of the tower to nearby streets.[1][2]

External images
Polanco elevator on Google Street View
View from afar
Bridge to the upper station
Entrance at the upper station
The middle station
Tunnel to the lower station

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Entrance tunnel

Coordinates: 33°03′02″S 71°35′57″W / 33.0506°S 71.5991°W / -33.0506; -71.5991