Poland Grand Prix Gliding

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Poland Grand Prix Gliding
Type Gliding
Founded 2005
Country Poland
Grand Prix Qualifying Grand Prix of Poland
Date 22 April - 3 May
Year 2009
Season 3
Airfield Zar
Location Bielsko-Biała
Races 7
Website http://www.sgppolska.pl/
First Poland Sebastian Kawa Jantar Standard 3
Second Germany Patrick Puskeiler Ls 1f
Third Poland Stanisław Wujczak SZD 59

The Qualifying Grand Prix of Poland was the seventh qualifying Gliding Grand Prix for the FAI World Grand Prix 2009. Because the usage of handicaps is not allowed in the Grand Prix style of competitions, only the planes with handicap index 101 from Club class were allowed. This gliders are: ASW19, B; Cirrus CS 11-75 L; Cirrus G(w); Cirrus; Cirrus B(w); DG 100; Hornet (w); Jantar std 2 i 3; Brawo; Ls 1f, 45; Std Libelle 17m; SZD 59.

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