Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest 1996

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Eurovision Song Contest 1996
Country Poland
National selection
Selection processInternal Selection
Selected entrantKasia Kowalska
Selected song"Chcę znać swój grzech"
Finals performance
Final result15th, 31 points
Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Poland was represented by Kasia Kowalska, with the song "Chcę znać swój grzech", at the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest which took place on 18 May in Oslo. The song was chosen internally by broadcaster TVP.

At Eurovision[edit]

With the exception of host nation Norway, who were exempted, all 29 countries wishing to participate in the 1996 contest had to go through an audio-only pre-qualifying round held on 20 March. The lowest-placed seven songs would be eliminated and would not appear in Oslo. "Chcę znać swój grzech" finished 15th with 42 points, qualifying Poland for the final.

On the night of the final Kowalska performed 20th in the running order, following Iceland and preceding Bosnia and Herzegovina. The song was a very intense, dramatic ballad with a downbeat, despairing tone, very different in style from the traditional Eurovision big ballad formula. It was predicted that this type of song would struggle to pick up a great many votes, particularly from Western European and Scandinavian juries, and this proved to be the case. At the close of voting "Chcę znać swój grzech" had received 31 points (7s from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Greece and Turkey, 4s from Austria and Cyprus and 2 from Slovakia), placing Poland 15th of the 23 entries. The Polish jury awarded its 12 points to contest winners Ireland.[1]


Points awarded to Poland[edit]

Points Awarded to Poland
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

Points awarded by Poland[edit]

12 points  Ireland
10 points  Estonia
8 points  Austria
7 points  Netherlands
6 points  Malta
5 points  Slovakia
4 points  Norway
3 points  Iceland
2 points  Croatia
1 point  Greece

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