Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005

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Eurovision Song Contest 2005
Country  Poland
National selection
Selection process Internal Selection
Selected entrant Ivan & Delfin
Selected song "Czarna dziewczyna"
Finals performance
Semi-final result Failed to qualify (11th)
Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest
◄2004 2005 2006►

Poland was represented in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 with the song "Czarna dziewczyna" performed by the duo Ivan & Delfin.

The Russian-Polish duo Ivan & Delfin sung the Russian folk-style "Czarna dziewczyna" (Black Girl). The song had one of the fastest beats per minute in Eurovision's history. It was internally selected by TVP amongst 63 songs. The song was performed in both Polish and Russian. The song is written by Ivan Komarenko & Michal Szymanski and composed by Lukasz Lazer. The runner up was a song called "First Kiss", performed by M.Jarosińska & Z.Boczar. Magdalena Tul, who would later represent Poland in 2011 came 9th in the internal jury voting under her pseudonym Lady Tullo, with a song called "Full Of Life". Agata Torzewska and Leonia, both of whom would take part in the 2006 Polish final, came 4th and 6th respectively.[1]

Ivan and Delfin was formed in 2002 when the band members met each other in the City Café club. Ivan, Łukasz and Olo wrote lyrics and composed music for their debut album which was released in 2004. The first single was released in October 2003 and it was called ‘Jej Czarne Oczy’ (‘Her Black Eyes’). Since June 2004, Ivan & Delfin have performed several dozen shows around the country. The vocalist Ivan Komarenko is also in the most popular TV series in Poland (‘M Jak Miłość’). He is a very outspoken person and has starred in many magazines and TV shows. The band represented Poland in 2005, in Kiev, Ukraine.

At Eurovision[edit]

The spokesperson who revealed Poland's votes for other countries was TVP host Maciej Orłoś.[2]

Points Awarded to Poland (Semi Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point


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