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Coat of arms from Polara Palace, St. George road, Modica (18th-19th century)

Polara is a noble family from Modica, a town in the Province of Ragusa, Sicily, Italy.

In 1639 Giambattista Polara was Maestro Giurato of the County of Modica and in 1640 his brother Vincenzo was General Administrator.

In 1691 Antonino Polara Tomasi Rosso, grandson of Vincenzo, was the first Baron of Baucina and Concadaini and was the noble titulated ancestor of the family.

In 1829 Giuseppe Polara Lorefice married Carolina Grimaldi Ferreri, the daughter of Giovan Pietro Grimaldi, Baron of Calamenzana. Giorgio Polara Grimaldi, son of Giuseppe, in 1862 was Mayor of Pozzallo.

The family gave some scientist and physician as Pietro (1768–1837), Knight of Francis I of the Two Sicilies, Protomedico of the County of Modica and director of the "Real Casa dei Matti" (Psychiatric Hospital) of Palermo; Socrate (1800–1860) son of Pietro, also a physician who pioneered ophthalmology in Palermo, as well as many religious figures such as the Abbot Giorgio Polara Ascenzo and Pietro Polara Landolina, and lawyers such as Ignazio Polara Salonia who in 1783 married Grazia, the daughter of Saverio Landolina Nava, the famous archeologist of Siracusa.

The Polara family continues to live in Modica; the ancient, very subgestive Palazzo Polara on Saint George road was donated in 1983, in the recurrence of the death, by Donna Amalia Polara Lorefice to the town of Modica and now is the site of the Pinacoteca Comunale (Modern Art Gallery).