Polaris Browser

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Polaris Browser
Developer(s) Infraware Inc.
Stable release
Polaris Browser 7.2
Platform Cross-platform
Type Mobile web browser
License Proprietary
Website www.infraware.co.kr

PolarisTM Browser is a WEB/WAP mobile browser for feature phones, smartphones and other Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) developed by the Infraware Inc. Polaris browser can run on various mobile platforms such as Android (operating system), Windows Mobile and BREW including RTOS.


Polaris Browser has been around since 2002, initially named EmbiderTM WAP Browser. Polaris Browser 5.0[1] supports Open Mobile Alliance(OMA) 2.2 standards with compatibility of WAP 2.0 and 1.x.

In 2007, Polaris Browser advanced its technical specification to WEB browsing from mobile devices, Polaris Browser 6 series[2] supporting Web 2.0 including AJAX and RSS. Updated version Polaris Browser 7 series [3] based on Webkit engine supports WEB/WAP protocols with Web standards as HTML5, CSS3 and DOM3.

Product line[edit]

  • Polaris Browser 5 series : Mobile WAP browser supporting Open Mobile Alliance(OMA) 2.2 standards including XHTML and CSS MP standards
  • Polaris Browser 6 series : WEB/WAP browser based on Lumi layout engine
  • Polaris Browser 7 series : WEB/WAP browser based on Webkit engine



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