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Polaris Pro Grappling
PurposeTournament Competition
HeadquartersBournemouth, UK

Polaris Pro Grappling is Europe’s longest running large-scale professional grappling event.[1] As of November 2018 Polaris has organized 7 events featuring both Gi and Nogi matches all of which have been held in the UK. Polaris has attracted some of the biggest names from Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts including Keenan Cornelius, Michelle Nicolini, Brad Pickett, Rousimar Palhares, Dean Lister, Masakazu Imanari, Ikuhisa Minowa, Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro, Fernando Terere, Caol Uno, former Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Jake Shields and former UFC Lightweight Champion and WEC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson. Former UFC Welterweight competitor. Dan Hardy and UFC referee Marc Goddard are listed as event judges.[1]

Polaris have received positive feedback in the Jiu-Jitsu press for the high quality of their events and the talent they have been able to attract to compete.[2] They have also been praised for their treatment of the athletes competing as well as the diversity of styles and match ups they have been able to put together.[3]

Polaris main bouts are 15 minutes in duration with preliminary bouts lasting 10 minutes. Matches are not points based with competitors able to win either via submission or judges decision.[4]

Current Polaris Title Holders[edit]

Division Champion
Featherweight (145) United States Nicky Ryan
Welterweight (170) United States Mansher Khera
Middleweight (185) Australia Craig Jones
Light Heavyweight (205) Australia Craig Jones

Results Polaris 1 - January 10th 2015 - Cardiff - UK[edit]

Main Card
Weight class Method Round Time Notes
Absolute United States Keenan Cornelius def. United StatesDean Lister Reverse Triangle
77kg United StatesGarry Tonon def. PolandMarcin Held Inside Heelhook
90kg BrazilPablo Popovitch draw. BrazilEduardo Rios
82kg BrazilEduardo Telles draw. United StatesMike Fowler
79kg United StatesAJ Agazarm def. United KingdomOliver Geddes Triangle
68kg BrazilMichelle Nicolini def. BrazilAngelica Galvao Toehold
90kg AustraliaKit Dale draw. BrazilVictor Silverio
90kg Republic of IrelandDarragh O'Conaill draw. BrazilMax Campos


Results Polaris 2 - September 12th 2015 - Cardiff - UK[edit]

Main Card
Weight class Method Round Time Notes
68kg United StatesGarry Tonon def. JapanMasakazu Imanari Inside Heelhook
55kg BrazilGezary Matuda def. BrazilMichelle Nicolini Armbar
90kg United StatesAJ Agazarm draw. United KingdomDaniel Strauss
70kg United StatesEddie Cummings def. United StatesReilly Bodycomb Inside Heelhook
68kg United StatesGianni Grippo def. United KingdomTom Barlow Reverse Heelhook
75kg BrazilVitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro def. JapanNakamura Daisuke Choke
70kg BrazilRobson Moura draw. JapanBaret Yoshida
82kg ItalyLuca Anacoreta def. BrazilPedro Bessa Triangle


Results Polaris 3 - April 2nd 2016 - Poole - UK[edit]

Main Card
Weight class Method Round Time Notes
83kg United StatesGarry Tonon draw. BrazilRousimar Palhares
80.5kg United States AJ Agazarm draw. United StatesJake Shields
70kg United StatesEddie "Wolverine" Cummings draw. BrazilAugusto “Tanquinho” Mendes
68kg BrazilBruno Frazatto draw. United StatesGianni Grippo
53.5kg BrazilGezary Matuda draw. FranceLaurence Fouillat
81kg United StatesJonathon Satava draw. Republic of IrelandDarragh O'Conaill
68kg United StatesGeo Martinez draw. BrazilLuiz Tosta
64kg BrazilJoao Miyao draw. JapanYukinori Sasa


Results Polaris 4 - October 29th 2016 - Poole - UK[edit]

Main Card
Weight class Method Round Time Notes
82kg BrazilFernando Terere def. BrazilVitor Ribeiro Judges Decision
77kg United StatesGarry Tonon def. BrazilGilbert Burns Heelhook
80kg United StatesAJ Agazarm def. JapanIkuhisa Minowa Triangle
90kg United StatesDilon Danis def. BrazilJackson Sousa Inside Heelhook
68kg United StatesNathan Orchard def. JapanMasakazu Imanari Rear Naked Choke
84kg BrazilCharles Negromonte def. BrazilEduardo "Teta" Rios Judges Decision
Absolute LithuaniaDominyka Obelenyte draw. United KingdomYasmin Wilson Judges Decision
Absolute United KingdomTom Breese def. United KingdomBen Dyson Judges Decision


Results Polaris 5 - August 19th 2017 - London - UK[edit]

Main Card
Weight class Method Round Time Notes
78kg United StatesGarry Tonon def. United StatesDillon Danis Judges Decision
90kg United StatesJake Shields def. United KingdomDaniel Strauss Judges Decision
66kg United KingdomPhil Harris def. United KingdomBrad Pickett Judges Decision
72.7kg BrazilVitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro def. JapanCaol Uno Rear Naked Choke
78kg United StatesAJ Agazarm def. United KingdomLloyd Cooper Bow and Arrow Choke
76kg CanadaOliver Taza def. United KingdomRoss Nicholls Judges Decision
64kg United Kingdom Samantha Cook def. United KingdomVanessa English Judges Decision
Catchweight United KingdomBradley Hill def. FinlandTommi Pulkkanen Judges Decision


Results Polaris 6 - February 17th 2018 - London - UK[edit]

Main Card
Weight class Method Round Time Notes
83.9kg AustraliaCraig Jones def. United StatesJake Shields Heelhook
80kg United StatesBenson Henderson def. United StatesAJ Agazarm Judges Decision
55kg BrazilGezary Matuda def. BrazilSerena Gabrielli Ankle Lock
77.1kg PolandMarcin Held def. United KingdomChris Fishgold Armbar
72kg BrazilMarco Cahna def. United KingdomAsh Grimshaw Judges Decision
55kg United KingdomFfion Davies def. United StatesChelsea Leah Armbar


Results Polaris 7 - July 14th 2018 - London - UK[edit]

Main Card
Weight class Method Round Time Notes
85kg BrazilGilbert Burns def. BrazilGregor Gracie Accidental Injury
65.8kg United StatesNicky Ryan def. United KingdomPhil Harris Armbar
77.1kg CanadaOliver Taza def. AustraliaLachlan Giles Judges Decision
77.1kg United KingdomRoss Nicholls def. United StatesNathan Orchard Judges Decision
65.8kg United KingdomAsh Williams def. JapanMasakazu Imanari Judges Decision
+55kg FinlandVenla Luukkonen def. United KingdomSamantha Cook Judges Decision


Polaris 8 - December 9th 2018 - Cardiff - UK[edit]

Main Card
Weight class Method Round Time Notes
93kg AustraliaCraig Jones Def. United StatesKeenan Cornelius Judges Decision
77.1kg United StatesVagner Rocha Def. United StatesBenson Henderson Rear Naked Choke
77.1kg United StatesMansher Khera Def. AustraliaLachlan Giles Judges Decision
Absolute United KingdomDan Strauss Def. JapanSatoshi Ishii Judges Decision
65.8kg United StatesNicky Ryan Def. JapanMasakazu Imanari Rear Naked Choke
80kg FinlandSanteri Lilius Def. BrazilPedro Bessa Judges Decision


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